need help adding in a split application of pre-m to my program.

Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by ant, Dec 13, 2001.

  1. ant

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    this season i am adding a split application of per-m to my 6 step program .
    this is what my 6 step looks like......
    1. lime 2/15-3/30
    2. pre-m with fert. 4/1-4/30
    3. fert. with liq. broadleaf control 5/1-6/1
    4. fert. application 6/1-6/30
    5. fert. app. 9/1-9/30
    6. fert. app. 11/5...
    grub control and fungicide application as needed (xtra charge)
    i was thinking of adding in a 7 step between step 1 and 2 that were the added pre-m app. will fall in...
    what do you guys think?
  2. 1grnlwn

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    You have to time your second application just before your barrier breaks down from your first application. Is Pre-M about 6 weeks? Possibly replace step 4. Or use dimension 1 app. in April. Add a broadleaf weed in fall sometime. IMHO
  3. Turfdude

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    This very similar to my program. Important, don't overdo it!!! Many people will tellou Scotts is only 4 step,or the big guy offers too much. If you're truely concerned about pre-m you can try Dimension as it lasts longer, or use Team, Pendameth, for step 1 and Dimension step 4 (Dimensionis post emergent also if caught in 1st/2nd tiller stage) only downside is Dimension will still be somewhat active through September and may inhibit germination if seeding early fall.

    Personally, the only thing youmay want to change/add is spraying w/ pre-M step if not too cold to freeze pump as this will eliminate chickweed before it gets too ot ofhnd, also dandelions are usually up this early. possibly ofer insect ctrol w/ June application.

    We also charge extra for Grub and Fungus applicatios and they are add-ons to fert program!

  4. accuratelawn

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    You might back up you lime a month. Round one in late March and round two first of May.
  5. hertelbr

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    The one time app. of dimension will save you money in the long run in my opinion. Pre-emergent is my most expensive app. (except disease and insect.) Do you do any soil tests to see if the soil is actually acidic, and identify the nutrient requirements. I incorporated soil tests a few years ago. I take it when I first land the job or the first application. I charge the customer $ 40.00 it takes just a few minutes to take the sample from a site and have it tested. It is a great selling point, giving the lawn what it needs, kind of a custom tailored program for their lawn. Not to mention environmentally friendly. Generally they vary only slightly maybe a 19-19-19 app. for low potassium or phosphorus is all that is needed. Most test will give you a liming requirement if it is needed to fine tune your amounts. Just a thought
  6. anthony

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    just a re-cap ...
    the second application worked out this yr...

    little crabgrass

    thanks for the past replys..
  7. PRE-M is Pendamethalin.

    I would switch the 2 arround and go DIM then the pen if needed.

    Tremor has a nice list of best to worst pre-ems in this thread.

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