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Discussion in 'Seal Coating Forum' started by brianslawncare, Mar 30, 2008.

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    im reading as much as i can in the seal coating form. everyone is bashing the ak2400 made by asphalt kingdom. because it has no aggeator or it wont work with sand. does the sand block the pump? can i add a aggerator to the top of the tank? were i work we have the totes come in with glue and we put a mixer air operated on top it works well.also what could i do if i wanted to use sand with this system? i have done some jobs last season for my customers and im looking to add this to my business and use it two days a week,so i dont want to spend a lot.i did the driveways by hand and all the customers asked if it had sand in it. i bought 5gallon pails from lowes and they did have sand in them.some guys said to go to tractor supply and build one my self.i could get the plastic totes and a mixer. asphalt kingdom said 1700 complete or 1200 without the tote. tell me what you guys would do. thank you brian:dizzy:
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    Brian, This kind of equipment is used by fly by night contractors. You cannot mix Sealer correctly in this kind of equipment. I'm surprized someone hasn't been sued yet, by sealing without a good sand load some older coustomer could slip on slick pavement.

    People selling these are taking advantage of people making them think this is the right wat to go. It also gives the one who invest in the roght equipment a bad name
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    i used sand but light loads so no one woiuld slip i think the unit is tops for starting out i still have mine but no longer use it i have since moved on to a sealmaster rig but if you wantto get out there and make money right away go for it it is cheep and does a great job only problems cleaningout this tank can be a lot of fun if you get me lots of water and a wet vac
    and the sand issue but i have had no problems
    hope this helps


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