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    Hi out thir well bought a polaris l300 it is the same as a asv rc 30 so i have been told sent it to the asv shop to have it check out as i just got it and don't know anything about it they said it was in great shape except water was in the hydraulics so i said do a flush they said they did but when i got it back it still was cloudy i will take care of that i also hade a complete service done because they said it was in great shape nothing wrong but when i try to operate it i push the forward joy stick it gose but starts to struggle and black smoke come out but if i push the loader joystick at the same time it seams to relieve the struggleing till the loader function has reach it end struggels agin also stalls alot can some one point me in the right direction as they charge me 1300 for the flush and services that could of been put towards the repair now low on funds

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