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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by lilmarvin4064, Mar 16, 2007.

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    I got a guy who's willing to hire me. He's got a creeping bentgrass lawn (7k sq ft). I haven't seen it yet, but I'm trying to give him a general idea of a program. I'm supposed to get back to him soon. I know a little about bent' but not much. What pre-emergent should I use. I've heard Bensumec is good for bent, but I'd rather use a granular. As far as Post, I need a low 2,4-D right? How would fertilizing be different from a fescue lawn? What should I keep the soil pH at? He's hired other companies with no luck. I'd like to show him what I can do. Thanks for all suggestions...
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    If the sales rep for the pesticide supplier is decent, they should be able to give sound advice too.

    Its been years since I worked on country clubs, so I am best not saying anthing about pesticides.

    The fertilizer will be easy to figure out, because the amount will be about 25% to 30% for the year.

    You city won't show in typing-mode at the moment, but if you get winter snow, start to learn a bit more about winter fungus and fungicides to see if you need any special pre-emergent fungicides in the winter.
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    Honestly, in the transition zone I would just avoid it. I really wouldn't want to try it here where bentgrass is less intensive than almost anywhere else.

    What is the homeowners objective... fairway type grass, putting green quality? Are you cutting too, or is the homeowner responsible for that part? To do this right, you're really going to need to be there every other, or every third day minimum to check on it regardless of who mows. Bentgrass in the heat of the summer can get away from you sooo fast its ridiculous. Moisture management will be a big issue, magnified much more than a traditional lawn because of the short height of cut and shallow roots associated. Too dry and it's bad news, too wet and disease will run rampant. Regular fungicide apps, aeration, topdressing, growth regulators... there's just so many things that go into it for what benefit to the homeowner?

    Take your time to consider if you really want to deal with this eventual headache. Make sure if you're going to do it that you will make a hefty profit on it, because it won't be worth it for even money on a regular lawn.

    If you're intent on doing it I can help answer more questions, especially if I can get more info on the goals and expectations...

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    I agree with Lefty. Bent grass is a high maintenance grass!

    I service a few lawns (fert & Squirt) in a Golfing Community and I HATE Bent grass. Most of these lawns back up to the course and have quite a bit of Bent in them. If the client has a mono stand of Bent i would pass unless you know this grass.

    Bent needs a low cut, intense watering and excellent drainage requirements, and the famous disease prevention program. My customers ask why there bent grass does not look like the greens?

    My answer to them,

    You do not mow at 3/16-1/4".
    You do not mist everyday for hot spots during crazy heat.
    Your too cheap to pay for preventative fungi
    Your lawn has poor drainage

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    Gaawwwwwwd, I'd avoid a bent lawn like it was Rosie O'Donnell. I spent enough time dealing with bent on the GC, I'm certainly not going to deal with it in a home lawn situation. That guy will probably never pay what is necessary for that lawn to look good.
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    How low does he want to cut it? where are you in the transistion? what kind of bent does he have? I would never consider having it for a home lawn but some guys have too much money and they don't listen so hay make some money off of him. I take care of about 4 acres of bent and it takes a lot of work but your not talking about 200-300 golfers walking across it every day.
    You'll need a good soil test, a quality slow release fert program about 4Lbs.N/yr . A nice fungicide rotational program every 3 weeks or so through the heat and humidity. pre-emerge spray diminsion or bensumec, or if your careful scotts goose and crab granular. Post emerge depends on hieght of cut the lower it's cut the more toxic a herbicide can be. And don't forget a good core aerification program 2-3 times a year.

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