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  1. Kris5061

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    I am new to commercial bidding and not sure how to really work this one. My local town wants a bid for a 2 year contract for mowing. It’s about 5.5 total acres with a decent amount of trimming. Located in the northeast. I want to stay competitive but also don’t want to low ball it either. I loaded a pic to show what were working with. There is a wide ditch that runs on the left side the whole length of the road that will have to be trimmed each week. There is one small triangle for a road median I didn’t include in the picture that’s about just under a 1/4 of an acre.
    I kinda ball parked it off of 6 hours total per mow and trim.
    6x$80hr x28 weeks. $13,440 a year? Does this sound close? Any input would help. Thanks!


  2. Matthews Lawn Care

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    I doubt the city is going to pay that if someone comes in cheaper. Someone will surely bid that @ $60/hr @ 5 hours. Which would be $8,400 based on 28 cuts.

    With commercial accts you just bid them at standard rates unless there is some sort of intangible perk that will make you $ elsewhere. Like high traffic areas, contact is buddies with accts your trying to get in with, etc.

    The only other time I’d bid low is if I’m trying to fill a route to keep guys busy.
  3. Mowing monkey.

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    It seems pretty high to me. Unless there’s way more trimming than I’m seeing. Without seeing in person it’s hard to tell but I see maybe an hour of trimming and a lot of wide open ground to lay down quick with a zero turn.
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  4. OP

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    I agree it’s on the high side it was more of a starting point to see where I was at in comparison. Thanks
  5. OP

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    Yea it’s preety wide open for the most part. Hard to see how much trimming there is but outside of the ball field fences and trees is the ditch that’s where I figured most of the time would take. It’s a decent size v style ditch with about 7’ walls on each side it that makes sense. It’s about 750’ long of ditches. Around the lower parking lots have some berms that I’m not sure can get a zero turn on there with out risk scalping them. Thanks!
  6. J Hisch

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    3.5 to 4.5 for a crew of three. plus when it start to dry out and you did the leg work of trimming in the spring you can fly through that. It will go for about the prices mentioned above. Just to mow that and trim I would be close to 330.00-385.00

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