Need help bidding on a large property...


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In the winter months I substitute teach at a few local schools, today I was approached about submitting a bid for mowing their schools... Two are small, less than hour jobs... The third is fairly large, I am GUESSING it will take me about 6-8 hours.. The 4th one is huge, again I am GUESSING that it will take about 15 man hours..

This would be my first job that takes over 4 hours and I am nervous tossing a bid out there... Any suggestions??

Randy J

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The biggest thing I can recommend is know your costs. It appears you already know how long the job will take you, if you know your costs per hour, then you'll be set. Price it so that your costs are covered, and whatever profit margin you want. If you're too high, you won't get the job, but it won't do you any good to get the job if you lose money on it.
Good luck.



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Randy is right on!

with the machines you have you will not make any money on these jobs you need large machines to get the job done fast, you also need more large jobs to pay for the large machines and 2 or 3 year contracts are in order to make payments on the larger machines, the best way to price large jobs is by the square foot or acre schools are tight anywhere from $9-$14 per acre I can cut for $10 an acre if the contract is for more than 50 acres. Only because it allows me to have more men for sod without layoffs in the summer. Good Luck!


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Bid what you think your worth per hour an go from there. I feel I am worth at least $50 an hour. I would bid around $900-$1000 a cut.....

But what might take you 15 hours would take me 10, with the lazer....


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Thanks guys.... This will be my second year in business, right now I have enough work to keep me busy for 3 days working solo.. Can I make money mowing these large properties with my Tiger Cub and a 52" Grasshopper???? Or would I be better off bidding on the 3 smaller sites???

I would really like to have enough work to keep me busy 5 days a week, could potentially do that with one contract...


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Without knowing all the particulars, I would say that you would make more money on the smaller properties as a solo operator. It is just too hard on the equipment and operator unless you can really get a sweet deal from the customer.
I'd also be real cautious because of potential weather delays. Can you overcome 2 days of rain in the middle of the week?

I'm solo and I stay with properties of no more than 4 or 5 acres at the most but most of mine are between 10 and 35K. Good Luck.

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