Need help bidding on a mulch bed job.

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by Just call Jeff, May 10, 2010.

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    Sorry for such rookie questions. But, I am new to this. I just meet a home owner that wants 3 mulch beds done. All 3 are edged with cement curbing. One has 8 over grown bushed to be removed and installed low greens and flowers. This bed measures 40x9. The other 2 are also edged but, there is nothing in the them. He actually has been mowing. They measure 29x24 and 25x23. He wants color and mulch as cheap as possible since he is getting readly to sell the house. Any ideas what to do and how to bid? I have nothing but time but, don't want to work for next to nothing.
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    90$ per yard sounds like a fair price.
    unless he is like a famikly member or something then you're going to want to charge only like 45$ per yard or something like that.

    360^2', 696^2' and 575^2' so thats like 1631 sq feet but since, will add 19 feet to that to make it a better number so thats 1650^2'. you're probably going to do like 3-4" thick, so we'll just say 3"

    so you'll need 15.91 cubic yards (16 yards) and some places will give you a contractors discount if you give them your card. i can get dyed mulch for 21$ per yard. and since its only 16 yard, you can probably do it in about a day or less (at least i can with the one other guy) and put some boards up on your truck if the mulch yard is near buy and you can fit 4 yards maybe 5 yards, if you have an 8' bed.
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    Thank you AJ, that was a huge help. I am going to write up my bid today, call the home owner and see where we are at?

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