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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by gardenkeeper88, Feb 7, 2006.

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    Customer just asked me extend thier parking lot another 10 feet. How much stone in tons would I need? (landscaping we figure 1 ton per 100 SF) 2" deep. 200' would be crushed limestone. 200' along another side would be matching up with drainage area and using 2.5" stone. I thought 50 ton. Also could the laying of the stone be done in 15 hours or less with a bobcat? The stone woud be dumped at 1 end of the lot So the last of it will be moved about 200'.
    Thanks this is the first time for this.
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    do you have to tear up any existing lawn or whatnot to extend the driveway?
    is the area to be extended 200 ft x 10 ft x 2in. ? that would be 12.5 cubic yds of space to be filled with stone. I dont know the weight to volume convertions for crushed limestone, but for 1/2 stone (regular stone i guess) is 1.33 tons per cubic yard. so using 1/2 stone ate 12.5 cubic yds = 16.5 tons of stone. if the crushed limestone is smaller than 1/2 in stone than the weight would be greater per cubic yard, larger than 1/2 in stone, weight would be less per cubic yard.
    also, you should definatly be able to spread the stone in less than 15 hours, more like 2 hours max, in an hour if your good with a bobcat.

    not sure about the costs of crushed limestone, 1/2 stone runs me $15 a ton i think
    you'll have to run your own math if my volume calculations were correct
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    First off, Thank You VERY much "Cut Right".
    As far as any prep work I can Figure that as I have removed, leveled, And such for various projects. Just have never done parking lot work and all stone we move is usually w/ a wheel barrel. This give me a starting point. I will bid between what I figured (25 ton / 200SF) and your 16 ton. Time kinda blows my mind. I don't drive a bobcat enough (2-3 times a year) to say i'm good, But i'm not a jerky Rookie either LOL. your 2 hour figure is that for the 200 SF (16 ton)?
    This company has been a customer of mine for 5 years and are always happy with our results. They never get any other bids, so I can bid a little high to begin with. They know that I will be honest with them. If i'm way off I will adjust it on the bill. I have done that with other customers that I was way high and they always like that rather than adding on cause too low bid. Keeps them calling me back.
    Again Thanks

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