Need help bidding this job

Discussion in 'Starting a Lawn Care Business' started by the.hines, Sep 14, 2010.

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    I like that he called to thank you, good call on this one.
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    yeah nothing wrong with helping out on little things but that in the picture isn't a little job.....sometimes if you do something for free then the customer starts to expect you to do other things for free so it can work both ways....i do some things for free like pulling a few weeds out of the flower beds but something that is gonna take awhile to do isn't something i would do for free...if a customer is gonna want to fire you for charging them to do a job then that's the customer's fault for expecting you to work for free....if you do a good job a good customer is more than happy to pay you
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    This reminds me of a recent brush job I had. I charged the customer $200, about 50 foot long fence was covered and just got out of hand. Long story short, I had the wife help out on that job... apparently there was some poison ivy in there somewhere... she broke out horribly 10 days later all over her body. We're uninsured, with her 3 prescriptions and doctor visits we spent $300, oh yeah and we broke a shovel on the job, so add $30. Keep that in mind next time a customer complains about a bid for brush removal. How's that for expenses.
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    Dang Blacketter you need some health insurance!
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    You're right on that one, any good providers for the lco's?

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