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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Wil22, Oct 24, 2004.

  1. Wil22

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    I have a customer who has flower beds to be mulch in the front and back yard. The front lawn has a steep incline leading to back yard. Now the customer wants all of the beds mulched. I have 1500 sf to mulch. I have a few questions. My price for the mulch is 14.00 a yard.

    1. I read on this board I should charge 65.00 a yd to install the mulch. This would come out to be about $1170.00. I want to be able to close this customer. Should I tell her "You have 1500 sf to mulch and I charge 65.00 a yard to install and the price is $1170.00" or is there a better way.

    2. I need about 18 yd to do this job should I have it delivered and dumped in the front yard and start wheel barrowing the mulch around the yard or should I get the mulch in bags? If so where would I look for mulch in bags?

    3. If we agree on pine neddles to put down and I do have 1 helper, what would I charge if I could get pine needles for 3.50 a bale? I think I read 8.50 a bale if I install it and that would be 255.00. I think the customer wants to know which one would be cheaper.

    I would appreciate any comments on this.

    This is my first job this big and want to make sure I price it right.
  2. lafrance4078

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    If I am doing the job my self, I charge $45.00/cubic yard. This covers the prep work on the bed and installing the mulch. Once you have your final price figured based on your cost and the profit you need to clear, tell the customer the price and stick by it. Just make sure you do the customer right in the end. Good luck
  3. BCM

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    how many inches of mulch are you going to be puting down?

    HOOLIE LawnSite Gold Member
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    Don't quote them a "per yard" price. I've seen it many times, you'll do this, and next thing you know the customer wants to see receipts from the mulch yard, or they sit there and count truckloads/bags.

    If there's a steep incline or other physical obstacles that will add time to the job, increase your price.
  5. pfifla1

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    i get between 45-55$/yrd, i have never had someone question me on how much i used, but that is probably because i am honest. mulch down here cost about 15$/yrd for raw.
  6. Wil22

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    The mulch would be 4 inches thick. The client asked me to areate the lawn and clean the flower beds. After that was done we walked the property and talked about future work. She wants me know to install mulch. So I see I should charge 45-55 to install the mulch and 8.50 per bale if she wants the pine needles installed is that correct?
  7. Smithers

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    Hey Wil22,

    Just remember that 1 yard of 1" deep will get you 300 Square feet. 2" deep will get you 150 sq. ft. 3" will get you 100 sq. feet. 4" (like you are intending) will give you only 80 sq. ft. So, you are need about 18.75 yards.

    I get the bark here by the yard for $23-$26. Dont ever buy by the bag if you need to use more than 1 yard. there are 27 bags in 1 will lose money if you buy bags instead of bulk.

    The companies in my area including me charge ~$58-$65 per yard installed. You guys are pretty cheap compared to Michiganders. :waving:

    Make sure you tell her how long it will take, so that this justifies the price. I can tell you that it took 2 people about 2 hrs to spread 5 yards on a flat lot. It will take you all day to spread 18 yards (some of it hilly).

    Anf follow what the guys said....stick by your price. you might go down with $50 or so, but add it back on on your next job for her. it seems like she will use you for many other things. good luck.

    next time...take pictures instead of trying to describe the property.

  8. MMLawn

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    Again, as in my response to an earlier question that you ask on pricing what you really want and all that really matters is the going rates in NC are and what I have found is that here in NC these are what most LCO's are charging.

    Mulch: $45 per cubic yard installed
    Pine Needles/Straw: $7.50 per bale installed
  9. Wil22

    Wil22 LawnSite Member
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    Thanks everyone, now I'm ready to go make some money.
  10. bushtrimmer

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    Watch math of others... There are 9-3 cu. ft. bags in a yard or if you are using 2 cu. ft. bags, there are 13.5 bags / yd.

    Big hillside? If its that big, you might want to consider bags for that area instead of fighting a wheelbarrow.

    And finally, if it's been mulched b4, and you prep by fluffing up existing mulch, you won't use as much mulch, you might only need an inch or two in most places. If you don't have a dump truck, get maybe 12 or 15 delivered then get rest in pick up truck.

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