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Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by mr.rightlandscaping, Apr 23, 2010.

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    High guys. I went to view a house for one of my contractors and he's wanting me to seed a sloped hill and put some netting down for the eroision and seed to grow. The slop isn't that bad and it's about 11ft x 70 ft. I was thinking about just taking a lawn roller up and down the slop to make it kind of flat and then put about 5-6 yards of top soil about 1 to 1.5 inches deep and putting my starter fert and bermuda seed down and then my netting on top of that. I've priced my material... I'm just wondering what to charge labor wise. It will just be me and my brother working this job. This contractor normally gives me most of his landscaping work so I don't want to charge too much since we're going to be doing some additional landscaping to the rest of this property. You can see in the additonal pictures I've attaced. He's going to go with sod where the slope meets the flat surface. I was also thinking would it be better to just sod the slope. I was thinking it would take about 2-3 hrs for my brother and I do this and was thinking about 300-350 for the labor is that too high or too low. All the help would be appreciated. I also put some pictures of the rest of the property that we're going to be doing work on. the first 2 pictures are the slope that he's wanting done asap.

    lawn roller= 20.00(1 day rental)
    net/mat=40.00 bucks (will cover about 900 sq ft)
    Top soil= 140(5-6 yards)
    fert= 30.00





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    This has nothing to do with your slope nor your work but see those trees out back with the topsoil piled around there trunks. Since the contractor has buried there roots and there probably dead already you might as well drop those two trees and haul them away for firewood since there as good as dead. As far as your slope why not sod it with sod staples since it looks like you might have some washout and that dirt and topsoil will end up in the guys bathtub.
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    I would be at no more than $225 in labor.

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