Need Help Biggest Bid I Ever got to Do

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  1. Jerryb1307

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    my question and trouble im having is its going on a year and a half in business and the hurricane Michael put a big damper on how the growth was going.
    I just got an opportunity to bid one a condo complex it has 450 Palm trees 2500 bushes to hedge 150 trees to maintain and 60 flower beds and 65,000 square feet of grass to cut I live in panama city lawn care has taken a crazy turn for the business so I need this contract it would be a year contract can anyone help me in where do even start to bid this job
  2. OP

    Jerryb1307 LawnSite Member
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    and 400,000 sq ft of blowing parking garage
  3. agm

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    Is it just you or employees as well. Thats a whole lot for just 1 person to maintain.
  4. OP

    Jerryb1307 LawnSite Member
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    I got 3 others and if I had to id hire someone just for maintaining small stuff but days that'd wed trim and cut bushes or id say weeks we'd all work together
  5. TPendagast

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    Let this one pass
    If you don’t know how to bid it you don’t have the experience to handle it
    Whoever gets it will be less competition to you for the smaller stuff you can handle.
  6. Clean cut LLC

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    Big jobs can be tough to bid. Walk through slowly and many times if needed. Figure your man hours and multiply by your hourly rate. Anything that size I would try to get at least $40 per hour. If it’s a top notch place and you think you’d be able to get more then go for 50-60-70 per man per hr or how ever much you think you can get.
  7. Carolina Cuttin' Company

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    Don't have a lot of experience myself, but:

    Consider equipment. The equipment it takes to do residentials is very different from the equipment it takes to do commercial jobs. Bigger parking lots call for bigger blowers. More bushes call for bigger, more durable trimmers.

    For instance:
    I have a 42" tractor-style mower, a 25-yr-old single-blade Honda riding mower (shaped like a Lil' Snapper), a commercial grade string-trimmer, a homeowner string-trimmer with an edger attachment, and a couple handheld blowers. I could do a job that big, but it would take me so long that my hours would be really high and I wouldn't necessarily be able to bring my rate down, so my bid would come it crazy high and, even if I got it, it would block me from getting other jobs I'm more suited to. That being said, I don't know what kind of jobs you do, but it's just something to think about.
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  8. hal

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    A picture of it would be helpful, but it sounds like a bunch of little grass areas to cut, how long could you and 2 other people complete it? 1 day? 2 days? What detail are they asking? What do they want and how much are they willing to pay to have it done? What about irrigation, fertilization, weed control, pests... There is a lot of information that is needed to bid correctly.
  9. TPendagast

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    “It would block me from other jobs I’m more suited to”

    That’s the biggest part right there.
    You only have so many hours in the week ..
    If you use too many of them on a job you’re unsure of how to price and dmtionslly you want it (so you will price it low)... then they late/slow/no pay, what does that do to you?

    It’s not you’re “big break” it’s more likely to be the “big break you in half”

    Think about it like boxing
    Your first year
    You’ve got a record of 2:1:1 someone gives you an opportunity to box the champ!
    Do you take it?
    You best let this one go.... you’ll get a shot later when you’re ready.

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