Need Help! Broke and selling some equipment, but for how much?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by roberthathaway7, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Hey guys, last year's record heat and drought was pretty devestating to my business, and I'm having major touble making it to next year, so I'm trimming a little fat and selling a few things. One of my major pieces is a 20hp OHV Briggs and Stratton Intek Platinum engine. Not sure about the hours, but it came off of my dad's craftsman that he used at his house, and he always took great care of things so I have no major worries. He gave it to me for a log splitter project. Runs great, just had the carb cleaned, new filters, etc, only needs a muffler, but I can't afford the splitter endeavor anymore. Can you all help me come up with a fair price? I have no experience in pricing used motors by themselves. Hate to post something about equipment sales on this forum, I just need some help getting some cash put together quick but not getting shafted. I did list it in the Equipment forum Best Offer styel. Thanks guys! And good luck to you this spring!



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    Assuming it comes with the starter, I'd say its worth maybe $300 unless you can assure hours and prove service history. IMO
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  3. roberthathaway7

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    Yes comes with started, thanks!
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    Mounted on the same pressure washer frame I happen to have. Not many people have the knowledge to match it to the appropriate equipment. I'd try an Ebay auction with a reserve set at whatever your minimum is.
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    Look, I don't normally help most folks come in here some act arrogant others they just want someone to give them the answer, it is what it is but if you want to make it and survive in this or any kind of business then the first order is you have to be able to help yourself, because... And don't take this the wrong way but when you're relying on other people's generosity you never know for sure what else there might be, again don't get me wrong but you might just be on someone else's dime here.

    Do yourself a favor and look on the valve cover of that there engine, and get the model number... That alone will probably net you some extra cash, because once we have that we can at least start hunting down that there engine's retail.

    But without more than a picture and some kind words, you'll be lucky to net bottom dollar.

    Get the model number off of it.

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