need help building stairs out of concrete pavers

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by back_lash, Aug 25, 2007.

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    I was wondering if someone could give me some advice on building some stairs out of concrete pavers going from my back door down to the ground. My door is approximatly 4 feet off the ground, and about 5 feet wide. Is it possible to build stairs this high out of concrete pavers? I was looking at a wall stone that is 3 3/4" high, 11 1/4" wide, and 7 1/2" deep. Here is the site for the stone:

    According to the site, for stairs, in the picture, for the first row they stack 2 stones ontop of one another, and then for the second step, they stack 4 stones ontop of one another. By this logic, if I were to build up to 4 feet, I would have to stack 13 stones ontop of one another, which doesn't sound very safe to me, even if Im using concrete adhesive to bond the stones together. I just want the stairs to be square/rectangular in shape, nothing curved or anything. Can anyone help me with this project? Any advice or comments are welcome

  2. back_lash

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    Hey, Yeah I am kinda weary about using the olde manor stone as like you said, it is free standing, and I would be scared of the stone sliding or moving. The versalok system looks like a good idea, except for the huge weight lol. You kinda lost me when you said , "I use block for the entire case, all the risers are block and the caps are the treads. It take a bit longer than using stone dust or crusher run, but you don;t have to rebuild it in the end".
    Could you explain what you mean by this? I am having trouble picturing building stairs using this product in my head

    The only other bad thing is I don't think they offer this product in Ottawa Canada, so that would suck.
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    We use Unilock for most everything, and the Roman Pisa and Pisa 2 don't go anywhere when done properly. is a great resource for information on how to build walls, steps, etc.. I still like to add a layer of wall below the Riser layer, and then be sure to use concrete adhesive on EVERYTHING, it'll hold the whole thing together a little better.
  4. Captains Landscape

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    Are you trying to build a stoop and stairs to your front door? Others may not agree but SRW blocks as a stair case have "trailer park" written all over it! I would think granite would be about the same price for all that block using the pedestal method. Besides granite=no repairs, no rock salt damage, LAST FOREVER! If my memory serves me 6 steps and a 3' landing at 6' wide is around $2300.

  5. haybaler

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    That's what I did for a job versalock and caps for treads. make sure you know what the local building code is for the steps. here it is between 6-8 inches but you can only have 1 inch difference between any two steps.
  6. back_lash

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    Yeah I am just looking to build some steps leading up to my back door. The builder of the house put on this stupid looking small deck, with stairs going down to the ground, and it looks awful. I wanted to see if I could remove that, and just lay down some concrete blocks, and create some stairs out of those. The Versa-lok system looks pretty cool, but I think I would probably run into trouble trying to create it as im no expert landscaper. My doorway in the back is 6 feet across, and its about 4 feet off the ground. On paper the versa-lok system looks pretty easy as I would just have to create a good base with gravel and sand, and go about 5 blocks across, and probably 6 or 7 blocks deep, and then stack the units ontop of one another, placing each successive level out 3/4" so the cap overhangs. But it would probably take alot of stone to make the stairs, and Id probbaly have to incorporate railings which I have no idea how to do. I guess I should probably hire someone if I wanted this done, but that would be too expensive for me

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