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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by DMS, Mar 4, 2002.

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    Fellow LCO's-

    I just purchased a 7X18 tandem axle open trailer and would like to build a trimmer/tool rack for each side. I am having the gate fabricated and thought I would also have a trimmer/tool rack fabricated at the same time. I want the rack to double as a sign for business also. I just want some opinions for the plans. Here is what I came up with. Getting a 4' tall X 6' wide piece of steel and welding it to the frame and railing on each side near the front of the trailer. The painted sides would be on the outside and the tools would be mounted on the inside. Right now I am unclear of the proper thickness of metal to get (1/4" or less), what type of mounting brackets to get for the weedeaters and and hand tools (shovels, rakes, etc.), and whether to bolt the brackets or also weld them. If anyone has made one of these racks, your help and input would be greatly appreciated. By the way, I want the weedeaters mounted on one rack horizontally and the hand tools on the opposite side rack. Thank you in advance.

  2. Well.

    Make a frame for the sign, not a whole peice of steel. Adds to much weight. Then put your sign in the frame.

    PVC tubes bolted to the back side of the frame. now you got your tool rack. Also you can cut the PVC pipe to length and put caps on the bottom if you wanted. and it's a lot cheaper than paying a welder. You can use many sizes to fit the tools. PS drill a hole in the bottom of the cap to let water out.

    Trimmer trap for your weed eaters, and other pole stuff. One lock locks all 3.

    Put the Trimmer trap across the front. signs on the side.
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    how do you guys reccamend to attach the pvs? i am doing the same thing for my trailer and have a 3' high piece ofplywood on the front of mine that id like to attach the pvc to.
  4. U-Bolts, if the tube is bigger than the U-Bolts you can find, get some threaded stock and bend it.
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    Or you could drill a lets say 1/2 " hole in the front side and a 1/4"hole in the back side and plywood and bolt it to the plywood at the top and bottom or three times. Hope this helps this is the way we do it in are plumbing trucks to hold shovels

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