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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by fox526, Nov 22, 2009.

  1. fox526

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    Okay so i am going to be buying two new toro ZTR's in the next couple of weeks. I will be driving to SLE Equipment in TN. I will be using the mowers for HOA's and apartments and large residential customers. Lots range from 2 - 8 acres. As far as open areas and hills, they all vary. I was thinking of going with a 48" and 60" deck. I just wasnted some wisdom on what size deck and which model I should go for. Attached is the link of the models they have available for sell. Also, I was wondering which is a better buy: 60" Z550 w/ 28HP Kawasaki or the 60" G3 w/ 27HP Kohler... The G3 is $400 more. If you have time then please take a look at the link and recommend which would be the best two to buy. I appreciate it.

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  2. QualityLawnCare4u

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    First are you going to be doing large open areas or small residentual yards? I have owned every size deck there is and I now have two 48" decks that are perfect for my yards. The 60"s I had were just too big to fit in a lot of areas especially gates. Used to have to take a push mower to get in three large back gated yards the the 60 would not go in but the 48" barly fit. Also will your local dealer honor the warranty? When I went in the toro azz I mean dealer here with SLE prices he went off on me and told me that he would not honor the warranty. A call to Toro and they contacted him and told him that they "recommened that he honor the warranty" and now I am banned from his store:) Sometimes driving a long way to save a few hundred is not worth it.

    I would also choose the 28kaw over the kohler even though the 27 kohlers have treated me well.
  3. fox526

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    I mainly going to be using the ZTR's for apartments and neighborhood entrances. what is your reasoning behind the kawasaki over the kohler?
  4. topsites

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    I've been saying it for years...
    The 48" is the largest size deck you can find that will still fit MOST 4-foot wide single gates.
    Why I have two, why they're my favorite.
  5. Eyebedam

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    I havent bought from SLE yet but im lucky if I decide to Im only about 10 minutes away from them. They are def a busy little spot & Ive heard nothing but great things about the owners.
  6. XLS

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    can i ask where SLE is located in tennessee?
  7. homerescue

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    SLE super quick shipping and very helpful. tennesse to west virginia 1:00 pm order sitting at fed ex dock next morning.
  8. GraZHopA

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  9. Kutz Lawns

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    Those package deals look like great deals for anyone starting into the business!
  10. fox526

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    So now I am leaning towards the 60" with a 28hp Kawasaki and the 48" Grandstand with 23hp Kawasaki. I think this would be a good combo... Any feedback?

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