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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by WeedWhackers, May 8, 2007.

  1. WeedWhackers

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    I need help choosing a lawn mower. I am new to the business and am trying to pick the right one. I am mainly gonna be cutting small yards 3/4 acre and less, but mainly less then 1/2 acre. I am thinking about the Hustler Mini-Z 52 or the Everride Hornet 52. Let me know which one I should choose or any other model I need to look at. Also looked at the Everride scorpion, which is a stand up mower. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. GLLawns

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    For those sized lots I personally would pass on the Z-turn. I don't know much about the Everrides, but price and dealer support is the most important to me. I just bought another Lesco walkbehind hydro with the sulky and love it. It's my second Lesco and I'm still impressed at the price, dealer support, and quality of cut. Just make sure that you have dealer support close by and that they are willing to help you out in a bind. My dealer will do some things on the spot and not even charge, and if he can't get to it right away he will explain to me what and how to do it. Everyone on here will swear by the mower they have so you need to do the bulk of the research and figure out which one fits your budget,location, trailer space, and support. Go to all the dealers that carry the mowers you like and test each one out, thats the only true way to get a feel for the mower and the way the dealer will treat you in the future. If the dealer is too busy to spend time with you on the demo then just imagine how he will be when you come in with a broken mower.
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    I am in agreement with what GLLawns said, for lawns that size and being new to the business a mid-size walk behind would be perfect. They are also much less expensive than a ZTR, especially if you go with a gear/belt drive.

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