need help deciding about shindawia products

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Jackson, MS
i have some nice hedge trimmers already, but after a day my back is killing me and i'm only 16 so i don't need to have back problems, i'm thinking about saling the hedge trimmers and getting shindawias new hedge trimmers that are on a line trimmer shaft, i need ANY INFO on this setup, will it cut well? save time?!? problems? can it go on my gear cady rack?!?
thanks alot


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I've got 8 Shindaiwa products. Their great. However I have a Stihl FS-85 trimmer with a hedge clipper head. I went with the Stihl because the attachments are interchangable. I also have a power scythe head. The Shindaiwa is a dedicated machine. I'm sure its top quality!


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I have got a Stihl hedge-trimmer that is the type that looks like a trimmer w/ a hedge head. It is awesome. I have a smaller Little Wonder and I hardly even use it for the small stuff. I just spent 2 hours hedge-trimming someones yard and I didn't feel an ounce of pain in my back. I felt in my arms though. When I do hedge-trimming I usually want 50-60 dollars per hour. It is hard work. As far as Shindaiwa goes I would definately buy Shindaiwa before Stihl. Them Japs know what they are doing!



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Pittsburgh, Pa
I have the shindaiwa trimmers. Still up in the air about them. Tested stihl before I bought the shindaiwa. The stihl's bottom was heavier, so I decided to go with the shindaiwa. They are nice for big hedges and easier on your back, they don't cut as nice as the small ones in my opinion, but overall I like them. Mine seem like the engine isn't running high enough, but thet still do the job.