Need help deciding on a model please?

Discussion in 'eXmark' started by MarkD, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. MarkD

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    from NJ
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    My brother and I live next door (don't ask) and have 2 acres combined. Mostly flat, no fences and not many landscaping obstacles. I live in NJ. My brother is considering a lawn service but I'm telling him for $5000 or $6000 we can get a ZTR that can cut our 2 combined acres in about an hour.

    Is there an Xmark model in that price range than can cut 2 acres in about and hour?

    Please recommend a model. It would be used once a week to cut these two acres.

    My last neighbor is a landscaper that told me to go with an Xmark ZTR. He didn't know the model line very well so couldn't advise me on a specific model.


  2. MarkD

    MarkD LawnSite Member
    from NJ
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    I guess I'm getting no love here.
  3. brucec32

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    Plenty of used 60" lazers on ebay if you want to finish fast. For some reason 60" deck ztrs seem to pop up there a lot. Probably guys who overbought. $6,000 would buy you a new CT model, but it's not as fast or powerful as the HP and full size lazers.

    But for just 2 acres a week at a home, any Exmark ZTR, even the 44" phazer ($5500) would do, some would just take you a little longer to finish.
  4. Blessed 1

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    I would let my local Exmark Dealer know my needs and maybe he has a 60" with low hrs traded in. I have traded in some good ones in that price range.
  5. newz7151

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    A 48" CT should be in your range. Also, being the time of year it is, you might be able to do as others suggested, and get with the dealers in your area (get them to call their exmark rep) and see if there are any demo models available for end of year purchase. Demos still come with their full 2 year warranties from time of sale.
  6. Tadams

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    2 acres can be done in less than an hour on a 48" walkbehind. I would recomend a TTHP or a Viking. I'm not too fond of belt drives- they have their place but not on my trailer. If you just have your heart set on a ZTR you could get a used one off of ebay or in the local paper- lots of people going out of business and dumping good equipment right now. Exmark always has good finance options if you wanted a new one.
  7. MarkD

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    from NJ
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    Thanks for the advice guys. I'm going to head over to my local dealer and see what he thinks.

    It's always nice to have some additional opinions before walking into the dealer.

  8. CutApproved

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    from NJ
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    You can buy my Exmark LazerZ - HP
    52" cut (enough for you)
    23HP Kawsaki engine
    ONLY 235HRS ON IT,, and it has the 2 bag collection system. Pic below.
    I'm asking $7000 but if you got the cash I'll go lower. Let me know. Its really dirty because I didn't have time due to weather to clean it up b4 I stored it this year, I took these pics in December.

    Mowers 008.jpg

    Mowers 009.jpg

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