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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Cooper725, Jul 31, 2006.

  1. Cooper725

    Cooper725 LawnSite Member
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    Ok, here is the story. I am in need of a new truck. I am driving now a 1998 GMC Sierra 1500. V6 4.3 liter. Not a good engine by any means. I use it to haul my 20 foot open trailer with my 61 inch 27 hp Ferris, and 54 inch 22 hp Simplicity plus other equipment. Want a bigger truck, extended cab, plus more power. I had a relative die (never met him) and leave me $40,000. So that is what I have to spend. I Put 60,000 miles on my old truck in less than 10 monthes so I need something that will last me. Any hints on what you big time guys use for hauling your equipment around that being brand new falls in this category for $, longevity, and power?

    TURFLORD LawnSite Senior Member
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    Put half that money in some type of savings acount and the other half on a new Ford 250 diesel. Sorry for preaching but money in the bank is a good thing. The truck runs about $40k I think.
  3. lwcmattlifter

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    I'd start a mutual fund with some money and buy a 1-ton diesel dually with the rest. Chevy, Dodge, Ford, it really doesn't matter just buy the truck that suits you the best.
  4. jazak

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    I would would put like $10K in the bank and then go get a F-350 diesel which goes for around $30K so then you won't have any payments. (At least around here)
  5. climber

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    Id say if you like your GMC I get another one but a 2500HD with the duramax and allison combo you cant beat it!

  6. tthomass

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    get a diesel........power and mpg will save you lots of $ at that many miles a year and will hang in there with you longer

    $20,000 mutual funds and forget it.........retirement, as they say, out of sight out of mind

    $20,000 as a downpayment on your new truck............say the truck is $30,000 and you take out a $10,000 loan...........well i'm paying $271.67/month on a $10,000 loan myself at only 7%......that is my minimum should I buy a new piece of equipment that month vs making a few payments at once.........the benefit is its a low payment and I decide to pay that or more each month to knock it out
  7. Cooper725

    Cooper725 LawnSite Member
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    Thxs for all the responces, sounds like a good plan. One question though, up here it gets pretty cold in the winter, how do diesel engines respond to extreme cold weather? I am going to start snowblowing this winter, have 15 of my regular mow customers who want me to snowblow there driveways this winter. People up here seem to be getting sick of the plows tearing up there lawns and driveways. So if I were to invest in a diesel, what would be the pros and cons of such a truck? Winter and summer time?
  8. montana jack

    montana jack LawnSite Member
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    Ford dealers around here are offering 0% down & 0 interest for 60 months for 06s. They have a lot of diesels on the lot also.
  9. Scag48

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    Holy crap, 60,000 miles in 10 months?! Where the hell do you drive to?!?! That's like 200 miles a day? Is that a typo?

    Either way, get a diesel. If you're putting that many miles on a vehicle you'll wear the engine out before the body at the rate you're going. Usually it's the other way around, but in this case you need a good diesel that'll last a while. I hate to say it, but you need a Dodge, manual tranny with the Cummins. 300,000 miles before a good rebuild, easy. They are the best, longest lasting diesels available today. Too bad Dodge can't figure out how to couple a decent automatic tranny with it, but if you can stand shifting a manual that truck will be bombproof.

    I'm actually spec'ing a dump truck for next year with an ISX Cummins in it. I'm a huge Cat fan, just check my sig and you can see for yourself how much we've spent on Cat and I'll put a Cummins in my truck any day of the week.

    If you must get a Ford, I pray for you that the 6.0 doesn't crap out on you. I've heard some shaky stories on it, you'd think after a couple years they'd have it figured out. I'm going to rebuild my 7.3 when it's tired, I'm never going to own a 6.0 Ford, ever.
  10. lwcmattlifter

    lwcmattlifter LawnSite Senior Member
    from NC
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    I've had some starting issues with my powerstoke. You need to keep on top of the glow plug, relay, wiring harnesses and you'll be ok. I like the Cummins grid starting system much better. It's a lot faster and it puts less of a load on the batteries. Most diesels have block heaters so if it gets too cold as in below 10 degrees you can plug it in for an hour or two and it will start like it's 90 degrees outside.

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