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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by mowerman90, Oct 2, 2000.

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    Due to a recent upgrade in my accounting program I am now able to e-mail my statements and invoices to any of my customers that want to receive their statements that way. Quite a few are requesting it now that I'm offering them a choice. My question is: Is there a way, or what is the best way to receive payment over the internet? What is involved? Do any of you receive payments like this? What are the pro/cons.
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    within the next two years. More and more clients will demand this service.

    I pay all my personal bills throught Quicken and my bank.I use the debit card for everything. I write very few checks anymore. It's much better and more efficent.

    In the business, we have several EFT payments direct to our bank accounts. We have aprox 15 % of our customer base wants faxed statements rather than mail. We will be seting up bill pays to vendors on the e basis as well. We can do it with Business Works, but I think QuickBooks also supports vendor payments by e mail.

    You need to be ready to go with this as much as possible as soon as possible. I myself think that almost all financial transactions will be e based within 5 years.

    mowerman has made a wise decision and the rest of us need to look closely at it also.

    Thaks for the link Ray, I needed to find something like that.
  4. Chuck Sinclair

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    If you want to accept checks online from your customers E-Mail me at: You can do it cheap!
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    Wow! What a GREAT idea

    (am now able to e-mail my statements and invoices)


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    I use Paypal and it works great.

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