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I am currently using Microsoft Works to create a flyer to get a couple more leaf jobs. What programs to yall use? Do yall have some good clipart? Any ideas on how I can get this flyer looking good? The DC website does not have any pics I could copy and paste? Exmark has some pics, but I do not want to settle for second rate.;) I was also thinking about making some color flyers w/ pics of me for the nicer neighborhoods. Any help appreciated.

Here is the basic flyer. Of course, on Microsoft Works it looks alot better because of the font size and style, and it is centered.


Now offering fall cleanup
*specializing in leaf removal
*debris removal
*hedge trimming
*small tree removal
*fresh long needle pine straw

*5 years experience
*the best in commercial equipment
*references given upon request

Reserve an appointment to get your lawn looking
good for Thanksgiving



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This is what I do for flyers. On my Fall flyers I have a photo from a site that I took last year, it shows me 1/2 way thru a leaf job. You can see what I have left to cut/pickup and where I have already done. I fill the whole 36 roll of the same pose, then I take it to get developed and ask for 5 or more sets depending on how many colour flyers I want. The extra prints are cheap so make lots. Then I make a simple flyer up, I leave space to glue or tape the picture in the middle. Remember a picture is worth a thousand words. I put these out at properties that I would like to work at and at houses that look like they would be great "one time" jobs. You can do this for any work you want to preform, from cutting to hedges etc. The best part is you can make a bunch of different pics and put the correct flyer depending on what type of work you want to do at the property. I use 8 1/2 x 11 paper. Oh yeah,,, KISS, keep it simple stupid

Billy Bob's Landscape

colour pic goes here

Booking now, call

Phone number in really large print

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