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Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by CareyLandscaping, Apr 2, 2011.

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    Not sure how set you are on a dump, but I have a 1999 chevy silverado 3500 2 wheel drive for sale. Its got the 7.4L automatic power windows and locks, am/fm, air conditioning, leather bucket seats. Only down fall for you would be it has a 12 foot diamond plate flatbed on it that doesn't dump, I would be willing to take the bed off and sell you the cab and chassis. 124k on it, pretty clean truck. Let me know if you like more details.

    Now for the 2 that you have picked out, I personally have never driven the 6.5 but I would go that route but probably wouldn't give him 8k for it. Like someone said, spend a little bit in the beginning and make it more reliable and you will have a much nicer/more capable truck for what you plan to do with it. As for plowing which I'm not sure if you do, throw some weight in the bed and 2 wheel drive is doable, just use your head while your plowing and you'll be set.

    Hope this helps
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    I'd go 5.7, the later years 6.5s oil burners where good but the 95 5.7 is a pre- vortec pre-odb2 truck, which I would choose. Plus its a 4x4 so it could double as a plow truck in winter. If the 99 is a 3500hd I would give it more thought but you didnt say so I'm going off the base of it being a 1ton.

    The 350 is a good engine, it'll give you a lot of miles and the fact that its hands down cheaper to work on and fix then a diesol. The only down side of it being gas is that it may have deeper gears then the diesel, which will make you run at a higher rpm.
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    Check out the truck we have for sale, 99 chevy 3500 hd 15,000 gvw. long wheelbase, dumping flatbed. its in the for sale post. asking 5 for it. As for the 6.5, stay away, we had one and it was a dog. Always had problems with it.
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    Ive been looking 4 a 1 ton dump for almost a yr. Cant belive what some POS are bringing. Was temped to trade my 07 dmax. I just picked up a 2001 chevy 6.0 w/103k for $6500..
  5. mybowtie

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    Anybody like to comment on a F-350 XL, V10, Dual rear wheels, 4x4, 2008, 10,000 miles.
    Has a pickup body but I'd like to put a dump body on it. Has 9' Fisher Min.2 plow. Real clean and the price is 30k. I've been looking for a decent dump, but just can't find one in decent shape for a fair price. I have an F-350 7.3 diesel pickup and know nothing about the V10 gasser????

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