Need Help Fast.. Estimating Mulch Bed Installation

Discussion in 'Landscape Maintenance' started by bbjr, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. bbjr

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    I primarily do handyman type work here in Northern Ohio. I had a customer approach me about installing mulch beds around there home and was wondering if someone here could help me figuring out labor costs, or give me some idea of what other folks are charging?

    To start I will need to remove existing sod, edge 142' with an average width of 2' .. So it will be about a 300 +/- sq ft area. I'm figuring about 3 yards of top soil and 2-3 yards of mulch.

    The topsoil is $30/yd and the mulch is $34/yd ..

    Any input would be very much appreciated!
  2. bbjr

    bbjr LawnSite Member
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    anyone have input?
  3. usmcdroach

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    where in Ohio are you?
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  4. chris@perfectlawncare

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    I'd do 300 for the mulch. No topsoil needed for me. Taking sod out sucks. I've never done it commercially, just in beds around the house... Rent a machine, get some heat wraps for the back afterwords. I frankly don't know what i'd charge for the removal.
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  5. dblandscaping

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    I dont think you would need any topsoil...for 300SF and mulch at 4 inches thick you would need just over 3.5 yards...I would charge $40-45 a yard for the mulch ,pickup and delivery....and then do the work at an hourly rate..on what you need to cover overhead etc...3.5 yards of mulch shouldnt take more than a couple hrs by yourself..the price for the hourly rate counts on a couple things it easy digging??if its sand your set..Can you dump on site??? or have to haul it away.. and your general overhead??what do you have to bill a day to pay for insurance, phone, gas, etc.

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