Need help fast with retaining wall thanks

Discussion in 'Hardscaping' started by Vasa16, Apr 27, 2005.

  1. Vasa16

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    :help: I'm about to start building a retaining wall it is 220 ft long 3 ft high it's out of concrete blocks I need to know how much to charge and this is my first time since the last wall I put up 8 months ago, and which way should i charge them hourly or? thanks for suggestions it be really nice if you email me at thank you again for your time to give me an advise
  2. mbella

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    How are you about to start building a retaining wall that you don't even have a price for? Maybe on the west coast it's different. Here on the east coast, we provide an estimate for a job, come to an agreement on price with the customer, and THEN we schedule the job.

    If you're telling me that you name your price after the customer agrees to hire you then I'm telling you that I'm packing and coming out there. I would like to rent some space from you. Let me see how it goes and then I'll let you know how much I'll pay you for rent.
  3. kootoomootoo

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  5. Vasa16

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    I needed an estimate that wall is just for my family and I have to do it I just dont know how much to take for it :)
  6. RedWingsDet

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    you made it seem like you were going to start on the job tomorrow and didn't know waht to charge and the customer didnt care how much it was. At least thats what it sounded like in your first post....

    I'd charge materials + 25% markup. Then estimate how long it'd take you and your hourly rate. If a job were to take me ten hours with two men, that'd be $800, then I'd add like 300-500 incase something unforseen comes up and it takes you longer. So for a job that takes 10hours, I'd charge about $1350 + materials + 500 for the company, but most likely 1000 would go in the business account.
  7. Vasa16

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    Thanks to everyone that gave me suggestions.
  8. neversatisfiedj

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    I would charge 20k
  9. kris

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    somewhere around 30k ....give or take 2k
  10. GreenMonster

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    I would probably do the job for around 25k, but if it were family, more like 35k.

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