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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by P.Services, Jul 26, 2007.

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    o.k i don't know what to do with this situation and i need some help fast!!! I have this one account i mow for and they asked me to give them a price on cutting two trees down for them. so i call my first sub i use and he told me $225 just to cut them and then i was going to clean them up once they were on the ground so i planned on charging the homeowner $700. well then i called my second guy who wanted to go see the trees so i told him go ahead, well he went over and just told the home owner $500 just to drop them and that was it and the homeowner thought that was a deal so he said go ahead and cut em. well I'm made as you know what because my sub just stabbed me in the back and know i don't make a dime. i haven't even given the guy my price so should i call and tell him i can do it for $700 and i will clean the mess or should i just let the couple hundred bucks go and calm down about the whole thing? need help fast i have a anger problem (already going to classes) and cant calm down i would love to go beat that sub and pitch a cinder block threw his trucks windshield!!!:realmad: :realmad: :realmad: :realmad: :realmad:
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    You should have met him there:hammerhead: :hammerhead: :hammerhead:
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    I would definately be calling the customer and pitching the cleanup/ planting seed/ etc. for $700. Let them know that the other guy for $500 is only dropping the tree, they will still need to clean up and plant grass or whatever. Sell yourself and your services.
    Use this as a lesson learned, you now know which sub to use in the future.
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    Why would the customer pay you 700 - the trees down. Seem to me all you can get from the is the clean up.

    What you should do is call the SUB and tell him he owes you money.

    btw - how big were the trees?
  5. P.Services

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    the trees are not down he would be paying 700 for me to cut them and haul everything away. the other cat is only cutting them for 500 and thats all.
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    I have had similar issues in the past. There are a couple things that I have learned and I live by them. First if I need to use a Sub for anything that I dont work with all the time I meet them there. That is if they want to look at the job to give me the price. I also attempt to do this during the day not evening so I have the place to myself no homeowners asking questions. The second thing is this, yes I have had a sub go around me, I simply stop working with them.

    My advice to you is to - Yes, pitch for the 700 you will take care of cleaning the mess up and seeding. Then use the person that was cheaper assuming they do good work. You should still be fine as long as 700 covers all of your costs and puts money in your pocket also.

    I always try to work with people the way I would want them to work with me. I have subbed and I use subs. I always tell myself when doing the sub work that I may need them so dont burn that bridge if the homeowner is there and get into a discussion on costs of the job.

    I hope this advice helps, its an awkward situation for sure.
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    not being harsh but never show a sub where your work is , In my line of work i run the show an i price the job then if i choose to sub the job I let the sub no what i have an what i pay an if he wants to tackle it then we proceed !! Its your job , dont lose it by being ignorant to the fact that someone else can do it!! see ya George

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