need help finding a fixture (12 volt lighting)

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    Hi guys, I'm new to this site, on average I do one lighting installation to every 10 irrigation installs. Anyhow, a client wants lighting in their back yard, they have an inground pool with a cabin to change in or out of their swimsuits. No electrical power in the cabin, so they asked me to install some sort of light to light up the cabin which would be tied into the landscape lighting:canadaflag:. Would have to be a wall mount since the pitched roof is to low for a hanging fixture. Any ideas would be appreciated!
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    Hey Mike.:canadaflag:

    The best fixture for the application (providing ambient light, enough to change clothes) might not be a traditional Landscape lighting fixture.

    Instead you might want to consider getting a standard 120V wall sconce and then either using a 12V bulb or converting the med. base 120V socket over to a 12V socket ( You can get adapters for this).

    Just be sure to tag the wiring of the 120V fixture as "12Volt Only" at the junction box so that no issues pop up in the future.

    If you were to convert a simple "Jam Jar" fixture to a 12V Single Contact Bayonet socket, or a T5 or S8 wedge socket (adapters are available from various manufacturers and better distributors like Turf Care Products) You could install a 22-24Watt lamp and depending on the size of the space you might want to use two fixtures. You can put these on a separate in line toggle switch inside the door.

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    12 volt UP/Down Sconce. Could tie right into the other landscape lighting you are installing. Since it is an up/down sconce it is not direct task lighting -- instead it will provide indirect ambient lighting.

    Solid cast brass, machined threaded enclosure screws tight onto o-rings. Glass lens are flush with top so water can not gather/puddle on lens. Bigger/longer than most sconces/gives off better photometrics--since it sits farther off the wall. 25' lead wire. (also plenty of room to fit LEDs). Contractor pricing is not shown-- you must log in with a secure wholesale acct to see our contractor pricing.

    Good luck.



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