Need help finding replacement Exmark hydro pump

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by jdadjstr, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. jdadjstr

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    Can anyone refer me to a source for an economical Exmark replacement hydro pump? Mine has the hydro gear, but I understand Parker makes one that is interchangeable. Thanks!
  2. Roger

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    I think "economical" and "hydro pump" in the same sentence doesn't work.

    Find the model number, displacement, and Google. You may find many places with a HydroGear replacement.

    I replaced a HydroGear on my Exmark Viking. I got the number from the parts book, and learned that there are many options in "families" of pumps. That means that ALL the information must match (e.g. wrong pulley fitup, wrong direction of rotation, etc). Also,I learned that many different manufacturers used exactly the same pump (Snapper, Scag, plus others). If you have the right HydroGear number, you can look across other dealers for the pump.

    BTW, the list price was $725. I think I ended up paying nearly $600. On another note, check the hoses carefully. If they are old, they may be hardened, and should be replaced. I had a VERY difficult time with mine because they were hardened, and should have been replaced. It would have been easier and quicker to replace the hosing at the same time, rather than attempting to work with hoses that are hardened.

    Since there are two pumps, mixing manufacturers may present unintended consequences.

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