need help for bidding maintenance on irr. system

Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by clc2003, Aug 27, 2006.

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    I have been presented a bid sheet on a new construction property for full maintenance including irrigation. Irrigation is not very common around here so I have never dealt with it personally. I will most likely sub it out, but the bid needs to be turned in 8/28 so finding a local guy will probably not be able to get it done in time.
    The property has approx 5 acres of turf that will be irrigated and the landscape beds have a drip system. The reqirements are as listed

    1. Activate and inspect for leaks and /or damages
    2. Adjust sprinkler heads
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    Not sure how the water sources are out there but we maintain a home that has 5 acres irrigated, it runs off a pump from a large pond in the backyard, has 22 stations with some drip in the planting areas. We treat it as a commercial property and charge $75 for the service call and we are at $18.50per 15 min. ($74 per hr.) I would imagine if you didn't have a pump supplying the system you should be able to activate and run through the system in about two hours with two men, adjustments are another story, you could spent a lot of time if you need a lot of adjustments, but hopefully you don't.

    From what you wrote its a recent installation, I would contact the contractor that installed the system to do the service, its always a time saver if a company is familiar with the system.

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