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Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by angecarl, Jul 20, 2009.

  1. angecarl

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    My plans for next year are to get bermuda grass seed drilled in my yard.

    I have a alot of common bermuda that is coming out around in spots in my yard. I originally planted tall fescue and it didn't do well here in eastern NC. I am mowing my yard at 1.5" now to kill all the fesuce and hoping the bermuda will take over. My yard is full sun and has a sprinkler system in place.


    What should I do now to prepare my yard?
    What time is the best time to plant it next year?
    What type are bermuda is good for eastern nc? I have about 1.54acres

    Thanks and anymore advise please chime in. I want a green yard. Thanks

  2. bigslick7878

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    Why are you waiting until next year?

    Fall is the ideal time to do this.
  3. angecarl

    angecarl LawnSite Member
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    It can be done this fall. But I am still trying to recover from building my daughters swing set, tool shed and concrete patio. What is the best time in the fall to do so. And again what needs to be done to prepare for this?

    Reason for all the questions, is that I did a 50ft x 50ft discing the yard up and hand seeding bermuda and the crab grass took it over. I have alot of crabgrass. I need help on getting the yard ready for seed drilling and need to know a how to get it ready.

  4. bigslick7878

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    Here is what you need to do,start this fall and try to get the grass nice and full by next June or guess are going to have a lawn full of crabgrass again.

    If you wait until next year it just wont be enough time to get the lawn in the proper condition so crabgrass does not invade.Grwoing a nice thick lawn takes TIME and you cant rush it.

    As far as what you need to do this,some pics would help.Every lawn is different,and it helps to have something to look at to give the proper advice.

    Also I dont know what this "drilling" of seed or "discing up the yard" you speak of. Maybe you can clarify.

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