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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Scag52inch, Sep 28, 2004.

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    Let me start out by saying this site has been a HUGE help!! Im 20 years old and have been working for a landscaping/lawncare company for 4 years.I finally saved up the money to buy a 52 inch Scag walkbehind,commercial weedeater,blower,chainsaw,hedge trimmers,and all the necessary hand tools needed to start my own business.I also bought a 12 foot landscape trailer and I have a truck.My question is how do i get more mowing jobs, particularly commercial? I have gone around and stopped in at places such as banks,hotels,and restaurants and talked to people but none of them either seem to take me seriously or dont seem the slight bit interrested to help me. Some of these places look awful!Others are well maintained.Any advice? Fliers have helped me get landscape jobs this year and they have all turned out well with great customer satisification! I would just like to pick up more mowing jobs for the cash-flow purpose.My other question is the company i work for is down the road in a bigger metropolitan area where work is easier to find and people are more willing to pay. Am i out of my league to start this business in more of a small town atmosphere?I dont want to make a million bucks just a descent living!Thanks again for all the advise!!!
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    Depending on the size of the commercial lots you are talking about, you'll get slaughtered w/ a 52" wb. Try building your business residentially. Build a strong business there first before venturing out into commercial....just to say, "hey, I have a commercial property."

    Just curious, but when you approached this commercial properties, do you have a business card in hand? Literature? Etc.
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    First you need to start with res. then maybe next year you can move on to small commerical then the following year go on to big commerical. In the meantime find good help and pass out fliers and more fliers. Look at the justmowit thread they say that he must pass out thousands of them to have gotten to the customer base that he has. YOu dont have to be cheap just keep your name in front of people faces.
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    thanx for the replies guys
    yes when i visited the commercial places i had cards and fliers.most places didnt even let me get that far though.I know if i get some bigger jobs i will have to get a zero-turn.ill have no problem getting one when the time comes.just a question for everyone, how long did it take you to become established?
    thanx again

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