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Discussion in 'General Industry Discussions' started by toddharmon, Jan 13, 2013.

  1. toddharmon

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    Got a call this morning from a homeowner and he told me that he was having weed problems. He said he had just had his lawn torn up and had it sodded with bermuuda I think. He had the sodders leave some areas bare so he could have some landscaping done. He was also talking about having several weed and feed applications done throughout the year. What are you guys thoughts on how much to bid this type of full service care. What is the best type of weed and feed I should use? How ofton shall I apply it? I'm a new company and this is the types of customers want to serve. Any and all tips would be greatly appreciated.
    Also, I have seen in this dormant phase people's grasses are really lush green lawns while their neighbors is brown or gray. How can I make dormant grass green in late season months?


  2. z71tiger

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    From the pictures on your website you should know how to do this already. I suggest you do some reading and learning before you attempt fertilizing and potentially damaging someone's yard. If your asking why someone's yard is green and someone's yard is brown you have a lot to learn.
  3. toddharmon

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    I do have a lot to learn. I am a new company.nitrogenhelps with the green right? I'm asking questions so I can learn.
  4. trock

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    Are you licensed to apply fertilizer in your state?
    Do you have the proper insurance for this too?
  5. toddharmon

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    I am actually taking care of that with my agent tomorrow.
  6. trock

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    But you are state licensed to apply chemicals and fert?
  7. Above Par Lawns

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    Obviously not and he's got some studying to do if he plans on getting it. Is not a quick process, and you can't just go take the test anytime you want. Atleast in Missouri that's how it is. Next test here is on Valentines day.
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  8. Above Par Lawns

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    You can apply turf paint when the grass is dormant to keep it green for 3-4 months. I would just get information off of this website and follow their fertilizer recommendations for your area. Find out what the top lawn care companies are charging for full year fert & weed control apps. Tell the customer your price and get a contract signed. When it comes time to put down the first application pay someone that is licensed to do it for you. Study and get your commercial applicators license and you can handle the rest of the yearly apps yourself. Go get you some turf paint, take a soil test and once you get the results you can see what truly needs done. That way you still get the account, but youre not putting your business in risk by illegally applying herbicides. IMHO
  9. Darryl G

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    Doubt those pics are of lawns he maintains...maybe the last few. Would need an arborist license in my state as well and home improvment contractor license too.

    But to answer the doesn't seem like you're qualified and you're best off waiting until you are. You can't be an expert on everything all at once when you're starting out. Best to concentrate on what you can do well in my opinion.
  10. herler

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    First off it's middle of winter so the weed problem didn't start last week and this isn't the time of year to treat it, someone experienced could go out there and educate the customer, I wouldn't mind doing it mostly for PR reasons...

    Unfortunately, I'm 900 miles out of the way.

    It's the same in the Northeast and it takes time because of the cost involved, not only can you only take it certain days but it's not cheap either and so failure isn't something most want to consider, thus it's generally advisable folks study up for it, for that one has to order the material and it's no small amount...

    It is, truthfully, a process.

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