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  1. RSK2

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    Hi guy
    This is what going on. This supply yard that i got my supply's from this past spring is going and telling ever-one that i do bad work and that i charge to much whats up with this. I never even talk to her about my prices ext.... I went to this other guy that has a yard because he is giving it to me at a better price can i do any thing about this? I stop ed the other day and we got in a fight about it and other things. but what is f**ked up is i have other guy coming up to me and telling this. I don't even know the guys i have some guys that are coming to my house when i am out and are telling me this to. what would you do??
    I don't need her saying any thing about me or my co. i never did any thing to her. can you do any thing about this
  2. BSDeality

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    quite simply it sounds like its time for a new supplier. Just move on. there is no point pouring energy into something so trivial.
  3. J&R Landscaping

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    I wouldn't let it worry you. Find a different supplier like said earlier and continue you work as normal.
  4. stumpslawncare

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    I agree with the previous post.
  5. Mike's All Season Service

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    I agree don't let it get to you. If you were going to do something, because it sounds like you are not happy, You can file charges for something called "CHARACTER DEFORMATION" and im sure she will get the point. I would hate for something like that to happen to me, because one bad thing spreads farther that one good thing. Need any more help, just ask!! GOOD LUCK, MIKE
  6. OP

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    hi mike
    thats what i was thinking of doing. any more info you have about it will help
  7. nocutting

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    Hello, most guys concur that just moving on seems best........Personally, once you make it legal you're gonna spend alot of money and keep gettin upset!.......I'd bring the supplier some Holiday Cheer, maybe something home made [ fruit cake, cookies,sausage bread, ect]..........tell him/ her whats going on?.......did you leave there because of priceing?........ was the service off as well?...........I'd negotiate the cost based on a years worth of purchaseing......reasoning is better than fighting about it......."At least Think About It".........Happy holidays
  8. Ford Guy

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    i'm from a small town, and there is a well established nursery here where everyone goes to, the owner thinks he's God himself in this area and he recommends landscapers when his customers ask. i haven't really gotten much work from him cuz he always sends the work to the older guys, i'm 26. so i guess its kinda the same way, cuz whenever i'm in there, he's always complaining about the other landscapers work, so i'm assuming that he's doing the same behind my back. i've since stopped going there, found a wholesale nursery that provides the same quality at half the price, but anyways i also make it a point to show on my advertising that i'm a certified landscape designer, cuz i'm the only one in my small town that has that piece of paper hanging on my wall. maybe you could look at taking some courses to prove you know what you're talking about and make sure that you provide the little extras to ensure quality and you can charge as much as you like

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