Need help I identifying an eXmark lazer Z

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by Naples, Jun 18, 2013.

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    Today I attended an estate sale, now granted being the contractor at this estate for the last 3 months I saw a lot of what was going to be auctioned but the one thing that caught my eye was a very well kept ex mark z turn, in this old guys shop. I don't know Z turns other then the gravely I have. The mower would have been sitting for 19 months so there was no juice so there was nothing I could tell other then it looked very new, the paint is still on the deck etc and dry rotted/cracked tires. What I am trying to determine is what model it is so I am able to get parts.

    Here's what I see
    The front of the deck says Triton 50 (50"?)
    22hp kohl er(manufactured 2008)

    Serial #N537688

    Now I bought a new battery drained the tanks added fresh fuel and after bought 30 secs of cranking It fired upped through a little smoke and smoothed right out. engaged the deck and cut the front of my house, no issues other then the tires, the rears will need to be replaced, any suggestions

    there is 713hrs on it and I paid $1,400. going to change the oil see what I can grease but I would appreciate any input u all could give me as to what I have and what I should be looking at

  2. GVL LLC

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    wow great buy. you practically stole that thing. It looks like its in very good condition
  3. Exmark PR

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    That serial number is not coming up in our system. You can find your serial number on the right hand side between the motion control lever and fuel tank. If you can provide us with a valid serial number, we can provide you a link to download operator’s manuals.
  4. Naples

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    Thanks that one makes more sense, the other number came from under the seat

    MODEL LHP27KC505
    SER 658271
  5. Naples

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    Totally missed that big shinny plate, good thing it wasn't:hammerhead: a snake
  6. BigFish

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  7. Oldtimer

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    Don't forget to service the hydros. Use an eXmark hydro filter and eXmark hydro oil. I would do this ASAP and don't use Mobile I.

    Retorque the axle bolts, locate and lube all zerks, repack the front wheels. You will need new seals when repacking the front wheel bearings. You can pop the top off the caster fork bearing for inspection but do not install a zerk and try to lube it with the top on. They should be ok and the grease should be half way up the sides of the large nut which holds everything together.

  8. Naples

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    Thanks was wondering about the hydros have no history on the machine but it looks like it was taking care of, I see a wix oil filter on it anyone have any issues w that or is it okay for me to use one what about synthetic oil vs reg any thoughts?
  9. ZX12R

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    Why do you say not to use Mobile 1? My manual specifically states the use of Mobile 1.:confused:
  10. Greg78

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    Mower is a 2006 Lazer Z HP with a 50" Triton deck.

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