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Need Help identifiying these 2 grasses(pic inside)

North Ga

LawnSite Member
Ive been wanting to add grasses to my yard.Im not to crazy about Pampas grass,even though its very popular in this area(north Georgia).They get too big,im looking for something a little smaller.

Well I was at six flags with my family and seen 2 varieties that I loved,so since I had my camera I decided to take a picture(Pics below)Hopefully you guys here can get me a name so I can go and purchase these.They are about 2 - 3 feet tall.Thats the size im looking for.

This is the varigated one.

Non verigated one

Thanks in advance!!

Grn Mtn

LawnSite Senior Member
Rochester NY
I just noticed you said you were looking for a 2-3' tall variety, these will get about 4' then the plumes will go another 2' above that.

Dwarf fountain, Pennisetum Alopecuroides 'Hamlin' will stay at 3'.

Click my homepage link and go to the plant section, I have some pictures listed.