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Need Help Identifying this Skid


LawnSite Member
Moscow, Idaho

I'm looking at buying this old Bobcat as a first machine until I can justify the monthly payments on a new machine. I just wanted to know if anyone had any idea of the exact model or year. I can't find any model numbers on it. Anyone have any guesses as to what it is worth, has about 400 hours on it and is all functioning except that it might need some of the hydraulics services.


LawnSite Silver Member
Gas or diesel?
Its been repainted you know.
That rops ain't factory.
How do you know its ONLY got 400 hours on it?


LawnSite Fanatic
Rigby, Idaho
some were propane as well. We had one on the farm. Take your three grand to Vegas chose red or black. It would be a better wager. They sucked when they ran, and much worse when they didn't.