Need Help Improving a Cub Cad CC 760 Grass Cutting Performance

Discussion in 'Homeowner Assistance Forum' started by Jordonr, Sep 3, 2011.

  1. Jordonr

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    My name is Jordonr and I am stupid – I bought a Cub Crapdet CC760 33” lawn mower last year because of the old Cub Cadet reputation - I did not know the company has new owners.

    I now have a crappy lawn mower and need some help to improving the poor cut quality.

    Anybody know of a better mulching blade that will fit the stupid CC “star” bolt pattern of the spindles?

    Anybody ever tried modifying a quad Honda blade to fit the CC “star” bolt pattern? (I love the way my Honda mulches)

    Anybody know of a larger drive pulley to try and increase the blade speed on this machine? (I know Granger sells them, but there are an awful lot of pulley combinations in their catalog)

    I bought this mower last year to replace my old 21” Honda. The quad Honda mower cuts and mulches grass wonderfully but is just too small for my 1 acre yard. I bought the CC760 because it was bigger than the Honda but still small enough to fit through my fence gate. Since new, the CC 760 has cuts grass very poorly; grass is not thoroughly cut and numerous grass blades are left standing at full length. The discharge clumps badly even on dry grass and it positively will not mulch dry grass – large, full length grass clumps are left on the lawn. Worse cut I have ever seen on a mower. I am very dissatisfied with this machine.

    The CC760’s engine seems to run at a lower RPM than other mowers I have owned, even my neighbors old Husquvarna mower has a higher blade speed and it is 15 years old. It seems as if the engine on this thing was originally made to be on a snow blower and not a lawn mower (my Snapper snow blower engine runs at about the same RPM). Blade speed is everything with a good cutting mower and my CC760 seems to have very slow blade speed. To top it all off the first season I had the mower, the engine had a valve break and it took three weeks to repair under warranty. I am very dissatisfied with this machine.

    Like everyone else, I am feeling the financial pinch of the economic times and simply do not have the money to buy another lawnmower. So as long as I own this piece-of-junk, my question to you is, is there anything that can increase the blade speed and/or are there better mulching blades I can purchase for this machine that will improve the poor cutting and mulching and also fit the odd star bolt pattern?

    Any help would be appreciated!

  2. Mowingman

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    Get someone who knows how to do it, and have them check the engine RPM's. It very well may be running too slow. Setting it to the correct/max recommended RPM will get top speed out of the blades. I used to be a Cub dealer, and I agree that those machines are pretty poorly designed and built.
    However, they actually can provide a good cut. I have seen them in use on St. Augustine. and Bermuda lawns, and the cut can be very nice. Keep the blades very sharp. Also, slow down. They will travel pretty fast, in fact, too fast to do a good mulching job if moving too fast.
    Hope this helps a little.
  3. Jordonr

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    Thank you very much for your reply. I have turned the governor up a little on my CC 760 to increase the speed of the engine (found that idea earlier on another lawn mower thread) and it does seem to improve the cutting, but the mower still leaves a lot of standing grass blades in its wake.

    It seems that the mower deck on my CC 760 is stamped very shallow and hence does not produce enough “suction” – if that is the right word – to pull the grass up straight for cutting. There is also very little room between the blades and the lip of the deck, I don’t know if this is good or bad, just different than my good cutting Honda mower.

    I did find an aftermarket mulching blade that fit the crazy “star” pattern of the CC blade spindles. Oregon Chain now makes a Gator mulching blade for the CC 760 (part #98-671), it is new and not a single Cub Cadet dealer in the Detroit area has one in stock so I had to order it from Jacks Small Engines:


    Once I use the new blades I will report if it improves the cutting of my CC 760.
  4. schwillybo

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    did the blades help any? I am ordering some now because they have to be better than the ones that come on it, they are really thin and flimsy. How did you adjust the rpm's? I am experiencing the same problems as you
  5. Jordonr

    Jordonr LawnSite Member
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    Yes, the blades did help quite a bit actually but the cut is still not as good as it should be. I need to increase the blade speed some how, unsure how just how to do it yet.

  6. Jordonr

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    Oops, sorry about not answering your question about increasing the engine speed.
    I turned up the governor a bit, but you have to be careful about increasing RPMs too much as that motor is not a high RPM unit by a long shot. I loosened the bolt holding the governor rod on the left side of the motor (the rod is the shaft that exits the motor case) and ever so slightly turned the shaft and retightened the bold again. I think I must have made several tries, some too high of an RPM, others too low, until I finally gained about 500 RPM above what I started out with. Now that I have increased the RPMs, I am careful not to run it wide open without engaging the blades or the drive for I am afraid that unloaded RPMs may quickly destroy the motor. I read a good posting about adjusting the governor somewhere, I just can’t remember when right now. Look around this site or the web, maybe you can find a better article on governor adjustment.

    Ultimately, what I think really needs to be done is to replace the drive pulley with a larger puller and thereby increasing the blade speed mechanically. I just have not taken the time to research a larger drive pulley on the Granger web site yet. Somehow I always find something more important or more fun to do than mess with that stupid Cub Crapdet mower.
    I hope this help you at least a little.

  7. Capemay Eagle

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    If you are running mulching blades, that could be your problem. How are you set up, are you bagging, side discharging or mulching? I mean if you are side discharging with mulching blades, that could be your problem. I would experiment with some blades, you may just need to find the right blade to match your turf. I looked up your mower and it does not look like a bad machine. I don't think you have a RPM problem, I just think you need to find the right blades.
  8. schwillybo

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    The blades that came on it were very thin and flimsy as well as the Oregon blades I bought after that. It mulches horrible even when the grass is cut weekly. when the side discharge is used it just leaves piles of grass on weekly cuts as well. For the price this mower is ok but just seems to not really be spinning the blades like it could. I hope the gator blades help a little.
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  9. Jordonr

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    Very few blades are available for my Club Crapdet mower. I am mulching with the side discharge blocked and always on dry grass. Mower has very little "suction" in that it does not pull up the grass much, but that is due to the very shallow stamped steel deck of the mower I imagine. From what I have read, blade speed is eveything on a good cutting mower, and this thing has very low blade speed (I have no RPM measurement, just the sound of other, good quality mowers to compair it to).

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