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Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by DAV Mowers, Dec 6, 2006.

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    I hope this is in the right forum.

    I'm in Western Kentucky close to where the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers meet so you all know the growing area I'm talking about.

    I have a lady that lives in a two story townhouse who had a large dog in the fenced back yard, he kept anything from growing back there. The dog is now gone and she wants me to try to plant some grass next spring.

    Not much sun gets back there. The house is two story with a high fence all around the grounds plus there are a lot of trees, both her own and her neighbors. I'll be able to cut some branches back but it will still be very shady back there.

    I had planed to till up the ground and add some peat to the dirt so it would not be so hard in the summer then plant grass, ferize and lime it. Maybe ever some straw to help keep it in place.

    Is that right or should I try it a different way. Also what kind of grass would have the best chance of growning back there in the heavy shade.

    Thanks for any help!!
  2. prostriper

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    Being that you are in the transitional zone check with your local Dept. of Agriculture to see what is recomended for your specific area. Depending on how far north or south you are can have an influence as to if you use a warm season or cool season grass. Prior to tilling, get a soil test done ( should be able to be done at dept. of ag.), so that you can till in any of the missing nutrients and ammendments required.

    Lay down seed rake in lightely then instead of using straw use a hydro-mulch with starter fertilizer. it feeds the seed and isn't a mess to clean up.
  3. DAV Mowers

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    I'll be doing all you posted. The biggest problem I see is all that shade back there. Ever if I'm able to open it up a little she will still have too much shade.
  4. anthonyr

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    Seems your concerned about the amount of sun the grass will get. No sun = no grass. Tell her about your concern and give her other options, like perhaps a new plant bed...etc.....etc..... There are plenty of plants that need minimal sun, also, it will help you make more money... Grass is cheap
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    Try to sell her on shade tolerant ground cover. When I am in a similar situation I tell the customer I will plant grass seed or lay sod if that is what you want but I guarantee it will thin out and you will have mostly bare soil within 1-2 years. If you politely convince them that they are throwing their money away it will make them change their mind.
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    Stone yard w/several planting areas for hostas, azaleas, hydrangeas, etc. That is what I would try and talk her into. I would do the "yard" in a lighter stone, put a curb edging around the planting areas and put a darker chocolate stone in the planting areas giving you definition and interest. Has worked well in this area in those exact situations and has a much higher revenue and profit potential with guaranteed results.

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