Need help interpreting sizes from Hustler Manual

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  1. HashBrown007

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    I'm fairly adept at using hand tools, although I'm having trouble figuring out what size some of these nuts are.

    When I go to Home Depot, for instance, what size heads am I trying to find for my ratchets?

    NT .750-10 HX NL ZN

    From the
    Hustler Super Mini Z Parts Manual Model#927285:
    Nut Sizes.jpg

    Nut Sizes.jpg
  2. mowerconsultant

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    These are standard hardware type items, any average socket or wrench set will have what you need.
    The bolt is 3/4 (.750) - 10, so I believe the socket or wrench would be a 1-1/8 I believe...
    The drain plug is std also, although I cant recall what size at this moment.
  3. puppypaws

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    The 3/4" nut he is talking about takes a 1 1/8" socket and the 1/2" drain plug on the hydraulic reservoir takes a 7/8" socket.

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