need help locating a coil my Toro 2 cycle

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by grbillings, Jan 8, 2008.

  1. grbillings

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    I have a Toro resi model#20581 and a model 16780 , engine #47pz2 I,m not getting any spark,I think I have dead coils,Toro have discontinued coils for this engine,can any one help me with a source for after market parts or someone that may have a good coil for a 47pz2.I have extra parts for these 2 cycles and with make a trade too...and yes I have pulled the kill switch and checked that too...still no luck..please help 512-635-3786.....Randy :usflag:
  2. newz7151

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    Do you have the serial numbers on this mowers?
  3. Scagguy

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    Randy, call Lee at LoneStar Small Engine 512-260-0023. They are in Leander. At one time he had a bunch of mowers that were going to the junk pile. If no luck, pm me. I may have another source.
  4. grbillings

    grbillings LawnSite Member
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    Thx men,but Mowermankevin sent me a couple of coils that are tree post for my later model,the ones I needed help were the early model 20581 with a 47pz2 motor,these have a points condenser magnito system,any way just got a Tecumse condenser from Garcia and son,cleaned the points and fly wheel magnets,put them together and running great...thx.....Now I have few Toro 2 cycles for sale 1 mod 22040 Commerical and 3 Residentals models all in great running condition...512-635-3786

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