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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by allstar, Sep 15, 2003.

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    For the past 5 or 6 years I've been pretty involved with youth baseball,both as a coach and a sponsor.During the fall months we have a league("fall ball")that runs from Sept. to I think early December.They obviously don't have the resources available to maintain the fields in the fall so they probably have difficulty finding people to do it.Yesterday we had a game and the fields just looked terrible.The infield and outfield grass was literally shin deep with large amounts of cut grass all over the place.Also grass and weeds have grown into the baselines and onto the pitcher's mound.So I'm going to volunteer to do it at no charge if they will allow me to put a couple of banners on the outfield fences that read,"Maintained by my company",along with my phone number.
    These are normally first-class ballfields with nice grass(I think it's bermuda)infields but they've really gone to hell since the end of the spring campaign.My first question is how do I remove the grass from the first and third baselines.It's normally just a narrow and even strip of dirt that runs from homeplate to first and third,but now it's filled in with grass and weeds.There's another wider dirt area(probably 10 ft) between the end of the infield grass and beginning of the outfield grass.To eliminate most of the weeds and grass scattered throughout this I can just spray it with ROUNDUP.I would like to go a step further,though,and make a nice even junction between the dirt and grass.I don't know how,though.
    Like I said,this will be pro bono work but if I do a really nice job it might lead to something.You never know.Any help would be appreciated. Jim
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    You should be able to make a nice edge with a sidewalk edger. Lay down some lines so you stay on course, (best to paint or chalk them, you'll cut a string line for sure). After you cut the edge, use a long handled cultivator or an action hoe to rip out all the grass and weeds along the edge you cut.
    Also, field maintenance should continue as long as the weather allows - some people think they can get away with in-season maintenance only.
    Good Luck
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    GHlyphosate is by far your safest bet to maintain the infield and baseline areas. This is what we use for the outfield warning tracks as well which you may not have). This of course has to be repeated and touched up regularly, but once your on top of it, it doesn't take much. It's just the initial kill that you'll go through some product. Do NOT use products such as Triox, Saharea, or any of that type that last the whole year as they are NOT labeled for use on athletic fields. One suggestion to me by a pro once, was to spread salt on the wide ares (not to close to the grass borders) and this of course would keep vegetation from growing in there, as well. As far as the baselines go, Rtom hit the nail right on the head. You use a stringline first, to mark out your line with turf paint (just a slash every 10 ft. or so), then cut it with an edger. Also, for your infield, one thing to consider that is going to affect your weed control frequency, is that if you have a solid infield (no grass), then this should be dragged occasionally. An old set of bed springs work great for this, but things like a piece of chainlink fence would work, as well. I hope this helps.
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    Thanks for the help guys.I really appreciate it.

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