Need help, need gear box for walker deck

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by SweetBaby, Jun 27, 2008.

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    I was mowing and accidently picked up a rock and broke two gear boxes on my deck. I was curious if anyone knows a place where I could purchase used ones or should I pay the price and just get new? I have a Model MT and was using a 54" offset deck, I need the "T" gear box and the left side (if you were sitting on it, side away from the thrower).

    Any help would be appreaciated?
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    There's supposed to be a problem with these, so you'll probably have a hard time finding used ones. Besides, if you manage to find one don't expect if to survive as long as your old part.

    Go to a dealer and ask for a heavy duty gearbox. I think it's standard now. An expensive fix but the right thing in the long run. Good luck.
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    54inch sd decks
    Yes the gearboxes can be a problem . A suggestion from dealer and walker is to shorten blades a little .
    The problem is when eg a blade snaps the shear pins it becomes out of time with the blade next to it .

    Explain eg GHS DECK on the blade overlap the blades spin in the same direction . When the blade bolts break the blades clash [hit ] BUT they are spinning in the same direction NO PROBLEM

    Explain on a GEAR DRIVE 54 SIDE DISCHARGE deck -where the overlap [2places]
    occurs the blades are spinning in the opposite direction . As u can imagine the blades hit and cause a major disaster

    THE FIX 1/ cut the tips of the blades [reduce overlap ]
    2/ fit 2x swinger type blades to each blade bar
    [at least walker australia offered this ]

    THE WALKER FIX 1/ as above
    2/ or redesign deck to seperate gear boxes further apart eg the 56 s/d deck
    The newer 56 s/d deck and the older 54 s/d deck use the same blades

    The 52 belt drive deck is a far better design in comparison


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