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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Willofalltrades, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. Willofalltrades

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    I got a voice mail today regarding a mower I had previously looked at. It Is a Walker MTGHS 26hp EFI with a 48" ghs deck. It is a 2004 with 106 hours. The original price for the machine was $8000. I figured I could get an exmark for $600 more. The seller told me he has received bids as high as $7000 for it in the voice mail. He wanted to know if I was still interested in it because he would give me first picks if I was for $7000. I am a beginner and have 5 signed contracts but haven't done any mass advertising yet, just fliers. I'm not a low baller either. I operate by myself and have little equipment to work with. That is why I would like this Walker. The machine is very versatile. I would get a 62" deck for the larger yards. I also need a machine that will shine in the spring and fall because school takes up a lot of time. I need to really be productive during those times. Should I act on this ASAP before it sells or pass this deal up and finance a exmark? Either way I'm going to need a catcher for fall and If I dethatch a lawn. Thanks,

  2. NEPSJay

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    way way WAY to much machine for someone just starting out with 5 contracts IMO. find a nice w/b for a grand or 2 tops to get the ball rolling, and see where ur biz goes from there.
  3. LLandscaping

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    You only have five accounts, you will have to work to get new customer to make the mower pay off. If you plan to be bagging most of the time a Walker is the mower to get. That is a good deal on that mower, new they cost $10,500 here.
  4. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, I don't know what to suggest really... I'm not one for shooting a guy down, but I'm not one to suggest new businesses make big moves either.

    I think this is your call. You have to look at the accounts you are servicing and will service in the future. Are you primarily going to bag everything? Are you currently set up to load the walker and roll? (space to haul it and dump clippings?

    If you are not, you might want to consider a smaller entry investment like a used walkbehind or maybe risk financing something for cash flow purposes... not that I ever really suggest financing either...
  5. RAW

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    Hold off for now!
  6. LawnTamer

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    That does seem like a big investment for a beginner. How big are your accounts? If they are normal residentials, then a 62" walker may not be the ticket.

    I know there are people who love Walker, I'm not one of them, they are slow and they stink on hills.

    My crews are actually way more productive with walkbehinds & sulkies, but we have a lot of hills:)
  7. Richard Martin

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    If you can afford the mower buy it. The biggest difference in my business came when I ditched my walkbehinds as my primary mowers and bought a rider. I was able to increase my customer base considerably and ditch my helper.
  8. dkeisala

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    So the guy has received bids for as high as $7000 but he's calling you to see if you want to match the bid?

    If I had a mower for sale and you offered me $6000 and another guy offered me $7000, I'd take the $7000 and wouldn't even think about calling you to see if you wanted to match it.

    You're being played.
  9. Absolute Weed C

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    I would get the mower for the versatility of it. you can always aquire more work to pay for it. $7000 is a fair price, I have 7 walkers and they run about 8-9 g's here..... 62 deck big areas and 42 deck residentals. as for speed you can gety a speed up kit for them and make them faster. Hills take practice but once mastered are no more a prob than flat ground..
  10. Brianslawn

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    thats what im thinkin as i read orig post. tell him you got 6k cash to drop on it and you aint got any time to waste. take it or leave it. tell him yous goin in to sign contract on new mower tomarrow anyways, so if he dont want to sell thats fine wit you.

    walker is the way to go... eventually for you. the x's are just too dam heavy. youll sink them in swamp land areas like round here.

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