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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GreenScapes, Mar 14, 2002.

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    Hello Everyone,
    Great site ! I have not posted yet, just trying to absorb all the info availiable already via search.This is my first year in business for myself, I have 5+ years in the trade but I still learn something everyday ! I have to give an estimate to a building contractor(One of the largest in my area) on his personal residence.Please help me quote the following services for the yard described below Thanks !

    Lawn turf area 84,750 sq ft ( I just call it 2 acres) Medium difficulty,house is on a hill and there are some decent slopes, large trees and the majority of the landscaping is surrounding the house and there are a few large trees but in general it's fairly wide open
    Please don't include price of materials unless you live in Michigan as I think the prices will vary. Please DO include what equipment you use.
    1. On call mowing (he like to cut it but sometimes is too busy)
    2. Spring cleanup I have a good idea on this one but it is minimal and I am including it so you can bid the whole "package" of services.
    3. Removal of 4 small 2.5 ft shrubs and one 4ft japanese maple
    4. Dethatching
    5. Core aeration
    6. Reseeding and topdressing of 5000 sf of dead grass areas (he says after a drought it never came back NO Sprinkler system and I will do a soil test)Mulch with straw.Some areas are large 1700 sf and others are small and are scattered throughout the property.

    I think a foot in the door is a big factor in bidding the right price, but at the same time I'm not in it for the sheeer joy of it, ie a little profit is always good, I have met with him and I think he will go with my service, I just want a fair price for both of us and a good possibility of future work(I know there are no guarantees ), But that won't stop me from trying.
    Any constructive critisism and helpful advice is greatly appreciated! Thanks-:)
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    You said it has decent slopes does that mean you can't ride it out??? If not go with 48" mowers. Sounds like there is some trimming to be done any edging??? On flat land wide open I would charge $80-$100 a cut. My spring clean up is about 4x cutting price.($320-$400) The removel of the shrubs and maple would run you $60. Use the search as far as the dethaching and aeration. Their are alot of posts on that. When I do it I rent the machinces charge for the rental fee plus labor and gas. So you wouldn't want to go by my fee. But charge by every 1,000 sq ft. Call up about 10 different guys in your area and get prices. This way you can find out what your market will allow. Even do so with the mowing. I live in New Jersey. But if you ask me I would give him a really good price to get in with him. Keep him happy he could throw alot of business your way.

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