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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by lawnmower man1, Feb 25, 2007.

  1. lawnmower man1

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    Hello, I need some help bidding on this job. I want to make sure I'm not to cheap or to high. The job consist of mowing and trimming of 6 parks 10 times.

    Park 1 Approximately 1 1/2 acres
    park 2 2 acres
    park 3 2 1/2 acres
    park 4 1/2 acre
    park 5 2 1/2 acres
    park 6 1/2 acre

    What I came up with is $6500.00 for 10 mowings includes trash pickup around the parks biweekly May Thur August please give me your opinion thanks!
  2. supercuts

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    its hard to gage what you are bidding on when you say "park". is it sports fields, or central park type place. 6 parks, 10 times each averages $108.33 which includes trash pick up biweekly. trash in CT is charged by weight and people love to through away big objects in public places. might want to consider your price plus all actual dumping fees or possibly they will alow you to dump for free at a town facility. again without more info on "park" its hard to say, if they are open fields you might be good, if there are lots of sidewalks, trees, trimming, maybe not
  3. ffemt1271

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    i figured it up on my charge scale and came up with $6900 so you are close to what i would charge.( i figure 1 acre /hr (includes mow, trim, blow and trash ) times your hourly rate.)
  4. lawnmower man1

    lawnmower man1 LawnSite Member
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    2 of the parks are ball fields and the rest are road side parks with some trees tables and fences to trim around

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