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    Today I went out and looked at a residental neighborhood (homeowner associations) that has several common areas that need to be cut, edged and trimmed. Cut weekly. Mostly bermuda grass. Grass will be fertilized by someone else. No bed work to be done at this time.
    The areas: These all need to be cut, edged and trimmed.

    Front entrance (left side) 243 x 36 plus edging the curb 243 feet long
    Front entrance (right side) 243 x 36 plus edging the curb 243 feet long
    Front island 63 x 18 plus edging the curb around the island
    Park area 207 x 9 plus edging Sidewalk & curb 207 feet
    Pond 1 120 x 93 plus edging Sidewalk & curb 93 feet
    Pond 2 135 x 132 plus edging Sidewalk & curb 132 feet

    Total square feet to be cut 49,473

    A note, pond 1 and 2 are not really ponds they are just called that. They are just like a pond but all grass and no water. They both have a 3-4 foot wide concrete path that runs down the center of both ponds or water retention areas ( or whatever they are called) to a grate/drain.

    All areas are level except the two ponds. They both have pretty good banks all the way around them. I think both banks can be cut with the bigger equipment. No trees. And naturally there will be trash that will need to pick up at these places. Hopefully it won't be that much after the first time.

    Would anyone like to take a stab at what you would charge each week or a monthly fee. I've never priced anything like this. All of my accounts are residental. This property is located in Memphis, TN. Our cost of living is less than what it would be up North.


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