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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by GrassMan025, Aug 9, 2006.

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    ok I've been working at a lawn maint. company for 4 years and slowly buying equipment, truck ect. ect. ot transfer to the other side to an owner opp. I really was not going to start until next spring to mow bu ta neighbor came to me and asked if I was intrested in mowing where he works, about 14 acres, I have seen the property and most is flat and hardly any trimming, I have KNOW idea on what to charge... I have a Lesco 52'' walk-behind, is my machine to small for the job and if not how much to charge? any HELP would be great...:weightlifter:
  2. Welcome to Lawnsite! First post and it's a good one.

    I'd say a job like that would be worth around
    $450 to $700/cut

    Of course that's with me not seeing the property.

    What I do in a case like this is to estimate it as well as I can then tell the customer, "I'll mow it for that price for the first time and see how it goes."
    It kind of protects you and them. They might have expected more detail in the work. You might have underestimated the amount of hours or gas required for the job.

    Don't get to thinking you have to be all professional and give a firm quote for the rest of the season. Explain to them this is your first big job. If they are unwilling to cut you a little slack you may not want to work for them anyway.
    There are companies out there that are just looking for the next fool who'll say "I'll cut that grass for a huntert dollars."
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    Well your mower is to small if you don't have alot of time, but if time isn't an issue than it would be up to you. Me personally I would want at least a 60", but that's just my opinion. The going rate per acre is around $50, so 50x14=$700. I don't charge quit $50/acre because I am only 16 and don't have insurance and all that. With it being a business they would be more likely to pay that than a resident would. Good Luck!

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    Is this a weekly cut?
  5. GrassMan025

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    yes it wold be a weekly cut. whats the best way to bid properties anyway? for comerical and residental .. some LC's go by the hour other by the square foot whats the going rate? ...thanks for the help
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    Price by the man hour, square footage means little IMO.

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