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Discussion in 'Pesticide & Herbicide Application' started by curry, Jul 3, 2001.

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    Kent Lawns is exactly right. I'm sorry that you don't like the advise that I gave you, and I apologize for getting off the subject. (The advise I gave is exactly how I would handle your question). I was kidding about charging you for the exact information, Stone probably wasn't. But the fact is it probably would take me 2, or maybe more hours to gather up the information to do that bid, and like Kent mentioned, I would need to see the site first. And I'm sorry, I'm not going to spend 2 hours writing up a bid for a job that I'm not going to do when I have plenty of other bids to write up at the moment, that I will have a chance of doing. This is a message board, and generally people will post responses to questions here that they have knowledge about, and that will take only a short time to type. Beyond that and you're talking about consulting, which will cost some money. Good luck.
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    I just figured yall (the experts) could give me a ballpark figure off the top of your head. I really didnt know it would take that long to figure a price. Like I said earlier, I know nothing about the chemicals nor have I even heard of most of them. I figured yall would have a set rate on each chemical and could rattle off a price. Im the one at fault here because of my lack of knowledge of these chemicals and the procedures an expert goes through in order to give bids. Thanks for your response. I will contact several experts and get some bids (and I will make sure they know Im getting other quotes)
    BRL, one last question, are these chemicals a liquid or granule? Thanks for your time.
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    I never said I was an expert on this subject, but someday maybe.... I've never even heard of 2 of those chemicals. That's why I said, based on what I perceive to be Stone's knowledge of the subject, that it would probably take me twice as long to research it & put a bid together. Your last question brings to mind another reason its difficult to help you. Most of the chemicals I've dealt with can be found in liquid or granular form. So it is likely that the specs you have dictate which is to be used, or possibly its your choice. So I'll give you my ball park, rough estimate for the job & say $2,500.00 give or take a little, or a lot. Sorry!
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    I'm not a chemical guru by any means, but I gots good sense. Call 1,2,or3 firms that offer that sort of work, and get their price. Let them know that you are going to sub this job out. That's the way I pick a painter or plumber. Get their bid, and do a little research as to their reputation etc. While they are doing the apps, your reputation is ultimately on the line.
    Bill Craig:)
  5. If I was in Curry's area and he called me for a price I would ask where the job site is then hang up. Then I would call the jobsite
    and bid on the project myself.

    Frankly a 40k got. job is not even worth looking at but since the
    govt. will accept a bid from even unqualified contractors (like curry) every scrub in town will be bidding on the project and the price will be driven down to the point where you will be working for nothing.

    But of course if you (curry) were a real experienced LCO you would already know the score.
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    Lawrence Stone
    Do what you said and I think you would be having to actually do some work. The contract is for the mowing of the property + the chemical application. I know you are smarter than you appear but give me a little credit. I can handle the mowing but not the chemicals. I also want to clarify that when I refer to yall as (experts), that is what I mean. Someone with a pesticide license. It was not meant in a negative way. If you have to have a license, I consider you an expert in that field. Sorry to get so many peoples feathers ruffled over this topic. BRL put me in check over the issue and this topic is dead.
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    Sorry to see that you got spanked so bad on this post. Shame it stings so bad to ask a simple question.

    Mr. Stone,
    Lighten Up.
    Bill Craig
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    just for the record, having a pesticide permit does not make u an expert, any idiot can get one. curry, if i had this info id be glad to help u out, but i dont. and some people are very rude, arent they?
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    THe products you have listed for the bid requirement sounds as if the area to be treated must either have lots of bed work or specific weed probelms that require specialty products. I know some of these products by the names you have posted but aren't familiar with all their specific common names, so here I go! Podiamine is Barricade, a long lasting per-emergent control for most annual and summer annual weed and grass problems. Oryzalin is commonly known as Surflan, another pre-emergent control for weeds usually used in bed and landscape areas. Halosulfuron is the component to Manage a selective herbicide used mainly for control on most nutsedges, likewise MSMA is similar too. MSMA is usually used as a selective weed control for annual grasses and hard to control perrenials. Diazinon is a common organo-phosphate , widely used for years to control surface and subsurface insect problems. As for figuring a price for these treatments, you will really need to know exactly what areas are to receive what treatments. I would not expect that 40M Sq ft would receive all these products throughout the season, that many of these items would be done a spot treatment basis.Furthermore , many of these products will vary in price as to where you get them, so shop it out with those you want to give you the bids. I hope this can give you a little help with getting together for your bid. Good Luck!

    Dave Roberts
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    Thanks for all yall's input. I think its gonna be to much of a pain to work for the Government so I will keep with my commercial and residentals.

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