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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by tjcezar, Apr 10, 2003.

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    I need help bidding a 3 acre lot with lots of trees and a little hilly. I run a new YAZZOO minimax ZTR 42" 8mph top speed which gets around great in the tight areas. I'd say 1/8 has to be mowed with a walkbehind. It would be myself mowing and another person both trimming and push mowing. I'm guessing about $160. This is my first year and I really want the business. This same person has 3 acres of flat straight mowing I could possibly get, about what should I charge for something easy like that. Please Help!
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    I'd say you're on the low side with your bid. If your deck isn't any bigger than that, and you're gonna have that many trees to trim around, and cut around. I'd recommend charging more. I'd have to look at the property to have an idea of what you're really dealing with, but I definitely think you aren't asking enough.

    Having said that. You are the only one that knows how much money you have to make per hour to be profitable. Remember....You're not in business to make money. You're in business to make a profit. By getting this account for the amount you stated, you'll definitely be making money, but are you turning a profit?

    When I bid a property, the first thing I'm looking at is the size of the property. The next thing I consider is how many obstacles are on the lawn, that will have to be cut, and trimmed around. How much edging will need to be done?

    After that, I consider the intangible things, like the proximity of the property to my other accounts. How hilly is the property? How's the drainage. Is a dog kept on the premises. Are there children's toys strewn all over the lawn (chances are that they'll be there when you come to cut, even if you ask the customer to clear the lawn of them, before you show up). Are there alot of mulch beds that I'm gonna have to look out for. Areas that are difficult to get to, etc.

    Bidding is one of those things T.J. that gets much easier with time. While you're still learning how to do it. You're gonna get burned on some bids, but that's all part of the learning experience. You'll be fine. Just stick with it, and you'll be a pro in no time at all buddy.

  3. tjcezar

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    thanks for the help i appreciate it much!

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