Need help on bidding a small commercial property for TOMORROW!!!

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by PattersonL&L, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. TuffWork

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    personally I think you are in the ball park. However, do they want to just pay by the month, or do they want to pay as the work is done. If it is as the work is done it's $150 a month plus extras. OR it's your $350 a month. TALK IT OUT, BE AGREEABLE
  2. ReddensLawnCare

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    I think I may have misread, but are you saying you would do that for 350/month? That's a 1,000 plus account no problem, probably closer to 12 or 13
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  3. Mikegyver

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    You don't want them on the as needed thing. You want them to pay you to stop by pretty much every week and check on stuff. Also the best way to go is to do the leaves every other week through the fall..much easier that way. The courtyards you will want to do once or twice a year. But everything else needs to be done regularly.
    Try to do as much as you can with a trimmer in the courtyards. Try to avoid the 21" at all costs.
    The best way to get stuff in and out is to use one of their (the nursing home's)muck carts. They should have several different kinds. A tarp does not work!
    One more thing...dont feel funny walking through the nice vacuumed lobbies and such with tools and materials....its normal!
    As far as pricing. Like I said above try to get them to go for contract at $800 a month for every month. It really spreads everything out well.
    BTW that lot should take you around 4 hrs with 2 guys. Ours is pretty much identical just we have more buildings on the one we do. 2.5 courtyards. Its a good challenge!
  4. PattersonL&L

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    No, actually there are some woods in the back we can dump them at.
  5. PattersonL&L

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    Hi Reddens, actually that would be $300 a cut
  6. Big C

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    Maybe so...I calculated about $45/acre....nothing else just mowing
  7. Squires4Seasons

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    Keep in mind. The south charges less per mow than the north. Don't sell yourself short.

    Ask them...were you need to be at to get the job.
  8. I_am_a_beginner

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    The best way to get this account isn't the price but yourself as a person.

    People buy what they see. I would say that 99.99% of my customers are buying what I told them is good for they yard because they believe in me and I do look confident and it makes them confident about my services.

    Price is by FAR the worse method to keep your customers selecting your services. People will always say that you charge to much but they will take you anyway if you are doing perfect. There is always going to be a low baller, ALWAYS. Sell your services telling you offer a high quality and fiability services.

    Don't forget this stat: If you charge 10% less than your competitor, you have to work 30% more. Remember this stat on a yard you lowballed and ask yourself if you trully want to bid low to get the cut. It doesn't mean to overcharge too but just sell YOUR price with the quality you consider delivering.

    Quality, fiability = invincible

    my 2 c e n t
  9. lawnworker

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    this job sounds like a 12000 dollar cut per month. I would not go any less, unless you are really hungery for work.
  10. lawnworker

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    whoops meant 1200.

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